Saturday, December 31, 2011

Aging Up

Well, another year down, and as of midnight tonight, I move up another age group due to USAT rules.


Just got back from celebrating "Noon Year's Eve" at the zoo with my cuties.  It was super fun.
Jackson and his little friend, Hanako, having a jam session yesterday

This year, I have some lofty goals and resolutions.  Let's start with resolutions--and these I really do plan to keep.  I don't want to LOSE anything this year.  I need to GAIN a few things:

1.  At LEAST one date night per month, set well in advance, babysitters all lined up.  Something ideally just for Matt and I.  We're pretty good at getting out with friends here and there, but find that it's hard for just the two of us to get out.  Usually I have a melting point involving a freak-out and a frantic call to my parents to see if they can watch the kids in, oh, five minutes...which is not good planning.  We're going to really work hard at setting aside some time just for us and put it on the calendar well in advance.  For those who have little ones, you can appreciate just how important--and how hard this is--to do.

2.  I'm going to really work on Keeping Calm and Carrying On.  I'm going to really focus on worrying less.  Those of you who know me also know how hard this will be.  I am a Worrier.  With a CAPITAL EVERYTHING.  I'm making some progress here, but I am going to focus on giving myself a break more.  Eating as clean as I can, regularly practicing yoga and meditation, and just trying to let go of the small stuff more.  I have a little system in place to start measuring this so hopefully I can really stick to it, since it's definitely an area I need to work on.

Race goals?  Just warning you:  they are biggies.  Here we go:

1.  Low 1:40s at the Cleveland Half Marathon in May.  I would like to go 1:43 or lower.  This is a high reaching goal for me, but I know that I can do it.

2.  Consistently improve at the short distance triathlons, especially in the run.  I want to get my 5K run at the end of sprint distances under 24 minutes.  This also will be difficult, but doable.

3.  Sub-5:30 at Rev3 Cedar Point.  Here's how I'd like to break it down:  36 minutes on the swim, 2:47 on the bike, and 1:52 on the run.  That would take me to approximately a 5:25 and allow for transitions, too.  Again, will be hard, but I know I'm capable of that.  The only really big change here is on the run. That run would be taking off a good 10 minutes of my last time, so that will be tough.

Professionally, I've got quite a bit going on, too.  I'm being nominated for something pretty awesome, so I need to get working on that.  I will be presenting to the Grant Committee and our faculty on how I've had my students use the iPads that were so generously provided for me, so I need to put together some good stuff to showcase that.  I also have of course the state tests looming in March and the AP test in May.  So 2012 will include quite a busy second semester.

(Which, of course, takes me back to Resolution Number 2.)

So I'm going to enjoy my last few days of just me, Matt, and my kiddies, before I head back to the crazybusy-ness that is the life of a working mommy triathlete.  I'm so happy for my health and blessed to have my family and friends, and I look forward to another amazing year.

Even if I do have to age up tomorrow.  ;)

 Happy New Year!


Karen said...

welcome to the next age bracket! All the technology available to students these days just amazes me (compared to "back in my day" ha ha). One of my friends is the technology director for the county school system here and it blows my mind to hear things that are in the works. Love your tri time goals - now get out there and make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! (New Year's Baby!) And those goals are NOT lofty for you! Everyone know you are capable of great things! Congrats on aging up! I can't wait until I am in the 60-64 AG...I kid you not!