Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Very Exciting Week

So I ran yesterday, and it went well. Which bodes well for the race I'm doing Saturday...maybe I can actually get through the run in one piece! Yahooyippeeeeeeee!

I can't WAIT to race this weekend. This is the first summer I haven't had a 70.3 looming over me and I definitely needed it. I love to race but knew that cutting back was going to be a smart plan, and even though there are moments when I think hey-maybe-I-could-do-Rev3?-I know that YES, I could do it, but I do not HAVE to. And that has been a nice feeling. I am excited to just enjoy a few races this summer and then wait until I really want something longer (which, who am I kidding, will probably be Rev3 half next year).

And on a completely unrelated note, I got my AP scores online today. I have to admit I really wasn't sure what this bunch would do. We all felt confident about the DBQ, though, and I crossed my fingers and hoped we had all done the other work for the rest of the test.

I am a big geek for this, but here goes: the scores were so good that I cried. Literally teared up. The best they've been in the 4 years I've been doing this. Out of 39 kids that took the test, 24 got 4s or 5s.

Proudly wearing my geek badge,



Karen said...

WOW those are great scores - yay kids!

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend at your race! (But you won't need it!)

Janet Edwards said...

Best of luck with your race this week!

And huge kudos to our favorite geek teacher!

Heather said...

I found your blog from other tri blogs but I come back because I find it interesting how invested you are in your students. I have 4 kids in public school and can't imagine a single one of their teachers thinking about their students once they step outside the classroom. It gives me hope that at some point we'll find a teacher like that. Congrats!

(I don't want to be teacher bashing. I just think your attitude is exceptional. Please only take this as a compliment, not as my being critical of formal education.)