Friday, January 22, 2010

Good news. Really.

So last night we got some good news.

Now, I don't speak Doctor, so this is totally unscientific and I might be screwing it up. But you'll get the basic idea.

Matt's mom is about to have her 3rd round (out of 6) of chemo. They did some bloodwork and found that whatever counts of bad cells (? see. I'm screwing this up already) there were related to the cancer in her blood are going down. WAY down. The doctor was very excited. I guess before she started the chemo, her counts were over 1,000. Now they are under 200. 35 is considered normal.

SO--this means that it appears her body is responding well to the chemo. Which is HUGE. And awesome.

Prayers and thoughts are working. Thank you, to those who have sent any up on account of us.

Three weeks from today will be my last day of work. It's so hard for me to go from complete work mode, where I'm veryveryveryfocused to STOP. Sometimes I feel that without me in room 221, then room 221 falls apart and THE! WORLD! ENDS! which is very silly but just how I roll. Kind of like how I feel about not doing any structured workouts, a nice hard track run, hard 400s in the pool, or a tempo ride. You know. I got over that, eventually, and when I get to do it again it's nice and new and all exciting all over. Usually the same is said for work, too.

Matt and I have the nursery all ready--little bitty yellow and green onesies and gowns ready to go, bouncy seat out (which, by the way, my 33 pound toddler still thinks he can get into--and it's hilarious), dog totally knows something is up and is NOT happy (so we're giving him lots of extra treats), and I am in full nesting mode with making stews and soups and food and trying to freeze what I can.

And I'm TIRED, yo. Seriously tired. I am having a rough time sleeping--MAJOR heartburn (maybe that means a full head of hair on this little bean again?), and lots of tossing and turning. But that all comes with the territory. Oh, and I probably shouldn't watch 24 right before I go to bed. Unless I want nightmares about Russian hit men coming to shoot me in the head.

So things are getting a little better...the pinky has healed nicely and although it's still quite angular, at least it's kind of almost back to normal. I can type with it, at least!

Been overwhelmed with the support of good friends these last 2 weeks...thanks to all, both on the interwebs here and my "real life" friends who have been checking on us, praying for us, and just being good people. You guys rock.

Tomorrow will be another swim with my Preggy Pals. Operation Can I Still Do Flip Turns at Almost 37 weeks is ON. Maybe I'll even try to get some video. Because that would just be good quality entertainment.

Good news, good news...good stuff.


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Yay...that is great news about Matt's mom!!! I'll keep the positive vibes coming your way.

I still can't believe you're swimming at 37 weeks! That is truly amazing! All I wanted to do at the end was lounge around, try to sleep, and eat anything salty...ha ha!

Wendy said...

Great news!

Re: Operation flip turn. Betcha can!

Alili said...

I'm glad that there is good news! Positive thoughts still headed your way.

Oh and video is a must. :)

RobbyB said...

Woot! Just be careful flipping around. And go easy on the epidural!

Staci Dombroski said...

Glad to hear that Matt's mom is responding to the chemo! That is wonderful news :-)

Mnowac said...

Soooo glad to hear about the MIL! Yikes you are getting so close, can't wait to see the newest addition to your family.

Andy said...

Great News!!! That is so good to hear! I am sure you will probably love having a little time off from work ;) It sounds like you two are ready to go! Its funny how the dog is acting all weird.

Speaking of trying to fit into places (your toddler), Before I got my new sleigh bed, I was trying to get something from under my old bed, and was having problems getting under there, when I thought, "I used to be able to hide entirely under the bed!!!" My new sleigh bed is so high off the ground that dang near anyone can get under it.

Nice to hear the finger is recovering! Have a good week!

prashant said...

I wanted to do at the end was lounge around, try to sleep, and eat anything salty.

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