Sunday, January 03, 2010

23 Lesson Plans, and 1 Missing Pinky Tip

Last night, I decided to try out my fancy pants new mandolin slicer to make some yummy sweet potato chips. This is really the sole reason I wanted the slicer. I can never seem to slice sweet potatoes thinly enough, and I thought it would be a fun gadget.

It was. Until I sliced off the top of my pinky.

Safe to say I was in a bit of shock. My main concerns included turning the oven off, putting away the garlic, and telling Bug that Mommy was okay, Mommy was okay. All the while I tried not to look at the missing piece of my finger and pay little attention to the fact that blood was gushing all over the place.

Matt's Dad came over to watch Bug and Matt and I got in the car. Then I just let loose. F bombs galore, lots of tears, and ridiculous statements about how "I can't even carry Bug anymore, can't even carry the laundry up the stairs, and now I can't even make a nice dinner." I was, moreover, furious with myself for being so freaking stupid and not paying attention to what I was doing. It was serious enough that I was really scared. I actually wondered if I could still play the piano as well.

Thankfully, I didn't hit bones or any nerves. I was in and out of the ER in about 30 minutes--I guess it pays to be a bleeder! I should be okay in 7-10 days, and I'm getting pretty good at typing with 9 fingers and becoming a de facto lefty for a few days.

I've been doing a pretty good job taking things day by day lately. In some ways, this pregnancy is so much easier that way. I know now that I won't be two tons forever, that the races will be there when I'm ready, and that I might even get faster. But believe me...I have my moments.

Like when the nurse accidentally told me my weight last week. Despite the huge "DO NOT TELL" warning on my file. They might as well put, "ABSOLUTE FREAKING HEADCASE--SERIOUSLY, DON'T GO THERE" on it. But she did. And I heard.

And I freaked.

Pretty much the same as before. Which, after a few tears and yes, a few f-bombs alone in my car, makes sense. My body is just going to do what it needs to do. I. have. little. control. over. that.




It doesn't mean I'm doing things wrong. It just means I'm doing what I need to do. Sometimes that means being creative. Although, true creativity doesn't involve missing pinkies usually, but whatever.

Luckily, I got most of my school work done pre-pinky incident, so I can relax and enjoy this last day off here. I also planned most of my lessons until Friday, February 12th, which will be the last day if I don't go early (which it looks like I will definitely avoid a 39-week induction--YAY!). With a week of midterm exams and a teacher work day in there, that left me with--at MOST--23 days of lessons.

23 days. I can handle that.

Then it's off for 12 weeks, and finishing off a few weeks at the end doing my favorite lessons of the year anyway.

I can do this. Even if I screw up, I can do this.

And hopefully my screw-ups won't involve any more missing digits.


Simply Married said...

If it makes you feel any better I got a pretty serious cut on my index finger while cleaning a bread knife a few days ago... It was borderline whether stitches were necessary, but it was late at night and laziness won... and, btw, I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy.... down 35 pounds now... You know it will all come off quickly :) Hang in there!

Andy said...

I have sliced my hand cleaning a meat slicer before, but not the mandolin. It sucks! Speaking of weight, my girlfriend got a Wii for christmas with a Wii Fit and I did the body test last week... Gained 22lbs since my Ironman!!! Sounds like you are ready for work! Hope you had a great new year! Talk to you soon!

Wendy said...

Yeah, with me it was an exacto blade ...

Christi said...

Sorry to hear about the pinkie! I hope you heal quickly! It was a long time ago but when I was pregnant I gained 50 lbs. I hated it!

Wes said...

There is a lesson in all things, especially so when they happen to somebody else :-)

Benson said...

Not to engage in the "one-upmanship" but I disfigured my index finger on a wood router. The kind that shred wooden countertops edges into nice round edges. Stitches did the trick. I'm now ambidextrous.

Glad you're OK.

Pharmie said...

Steve chopped off the end of his pinky finger in high school. He stuck it in and old school fan. On purpose. It's fine now. You can't even tell. Since this recipe seems to be the same one as with Bug, maybe you'll be twice as fast next summer! Can't wait to see it all unfold.

Borsch said...

Lol...I was chopping onions a few weeks ago and went straight in pretty much down to the bone. Stupid cutting board slide.

I hope the pinky heals up nicely!

X-Country2 said...

Oh, be careful! Those mandolin slicers are hardcore.

Rural Girl said...

OMG, you are sooo not screwing up or going to screw up or any of that!

Wow, you are getting down to the wire! That is so awesome and sooo exciting! I remember those days vividly.

As for that slicer, they are definitely great little gadgets but nasty at the same time. I've done that quite a few times. FYI, never take off the guard to save time, if it has one!

Siren said...

OMG, I so totally did the same thing with my mandolin! I was all "I don't need that stupid guard thing AUGGHH!" Sliced a hunk off the tip my index finger two nights before a triathlon. (Thankfully the bleeding was relatively controllable and I didn't end up needing ER or stitches. Just dealt with lots of soggy bandaids on race day.)