Friday, August 29, 2008

One Week In

I just lost my class for a meeting, so I'm sitting and just taking a breather.


Figured I might as well throw a post up to state that I made week down, one good solid week of workouts in for the next race, and so far, so good!

I'm not used to standing, talking a lot, or wearing anything other than flip flops, so me poor widdwle toes are quite blistered. And I have not much of a voice left. But it's been pretty fun, nonetheless.

And it's not 90 degrees, nor am I nine months pregnant and scared out of my wits, so that's always good.

Most of my workouts were done early, or while pushing Bug in his stroller. Let me tell you how NOT fun it is to push a 24 pound Bug in a stroller while trying to do 5K pace pickups. He sure liked it, though! I've got about 9 hours planned for this week, and, barring any major disasters, I should hit that. That, in and of itself, is quite a victory for me.

Tomorrow morning I'm super excited to be able to hit the trails and run with another person that can talk to me! Yahoooooooooo! It's not just me and my Garmin! :) I'll be doing 12 miles with Aimee, my buddy and my Iron-Bro Eric's wife, who is training for the Nike Women's Marathon the same day of C-bus. We're about the same pace and have the same goals, and want to start REALLY early, so it works out perfectly! Then later that day I'll take Bug out for a few more miles to get about 14-15 in. Sunday I've got a ride and some weights, and Monday my last swim outside for a while. I really wish the pools were open in September around here, because it's still CRAZY hot here in September! Oh well.

I've been focusing on good nutrition, and it seems to have paid off! I'm pretty pumped about that. Now, I still eat my ice cream, don't you worry....but I just try to do as much whole grains, fruits and veggies, low-fat dairy and lean meat as I can, and--drum roll please--I've lost 4 more pounds, which puts me below my pre-pregnancy weight! Yahoooooooooooooyippeeeee! So now I'm all about maintaining and toning up what I've got, which is (to me) a good place to be.

Tonight, though, it's all about celebrating...a new year, a good start, and cashing in on a gift card from my brother for my FAVORITE restaurant, which happens to be a Mexican place. I sure hope I don't pay for that tomorrow morning... ;)

Oh, and the little Bug started walking on August 17th. I forgot to mention that. And it's been sooooooooo fun. I like to think he did it so that I could be there for it. Thanks, Bug!


Borsch said...

It sounds like you have a full weekend!


I hope the morning run goes well after the Mexican food.

triguyjt said...

all bets are off now that the bug is walking....

I agree with you on the pools in would so nice to be able to use the local pools this coming months....

ohh yeah..i have that huge fish filled pool 30 seconds away from my home.... lake erie....
glad you survived week #1..

Steve Stenzel said...

I don't wanna to back to school. You can't make me.

And he's walking?!?! That's awesome!!! I bet you cried!...

TryPiggy said...

Hope you have a good year at school and get the balance between work, life and training that you want.

(I'm glad we start a week later than you.)

Now he's got 2 out of the 3 ticked off, when does Bug start cycling?

Tri-ing with Twins said...

I just found your blog. Very inspiring that you have completed an ironman and are now a mommy, congrats! I just started this triathlon adventure and I'm a mommy to twin boys. Loving it so far!


Rae said...

Wow! I can't believe he's walking!! Isn't that super early????