Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have a brief second here...

...(story of my life lately) I am posting very briefly.

I'm coming up for air under a sea of DBQ's to grade. Those of you who know what those are understand how NOT. FUN. TO. GRADE. THEY. ARE.

I told my AP kids not to expect them the next day, as each one takes at LEAST 10 minutes to grade. And I have 44 of them. One kid said, "Hey, that means you have seven hours and twenty minutes...minimum...of grading to do."

Thanks, dude. Rub it in.

Anyhoo, ran some snowy wet hill repeats this morning for 9 miles. I'm so darn slow on hills, but they are good for me. Kinda like brussel sprouts. You don't eat them because you like them. You eat them because they are good for you and stuff.

JayZ has found his feet, and his thumb. Which is pretty sweet. :)

Swimming is coming along well, too. I made the mistake of thinking that, in the end of last Monday's workout, my "300 at T- :12" was supposed to be my threshold pace minus twelve seconds for EACH 100, not overall. Consequently, I pretty much DIED. And wasn't able to finish it. Then my buddy told me I was doing it wrong and it was TWELVE SECONDS OVERALL. hee hee! That's funny. I kicked my own ass for no reason.

So, all three major Presidential candidates will be in Cleveland Monday and Tuesday--and one in the city I teach in on Monday! Pretty sweet. I think I know who my choice is but need to do a little more digging to be sure.

And TriShannon will be in Cleveland for my comeback half marathon. She's going to run a 1:50 with me. And I don't care how she feels about it. She's doing it with me and THAT'S THE END OF THE DISCUSSION.

And I've been tagged by Ange and Triguyjt, and I usually don't have time for these but since I'm rambling and making no sense here I go okay ready go:

Seven Random Things About Me:

1. My ancestry is Portuguese, Italian, Scotch-Irish, and German. But my married last name is 100% Polish.
2. I'm somewhat of a neat freak, except for my closet.
3. Robot Chicken is a damn funny show.
4. I'm not sure who I'd pick: Jack or Sawyer. Probably Jack.
5. I graduated college with one of the newest Cavaliers, Wally Szezerbiak. And I probably spelled that wrong. His girlfriend (now wife) was in my freshman dorm, and she grabbed him up at freshman orientation. None of us even had a chance. Oh well. :)
6. My nickname for many years was (and to some people is still) Arcs.
7. I don't really like cake. It doesn't do it for me. But ice cream does.

If you'd like to be tagged, you are.

I'm so out of time. Bye.


Anonymous said...

the neat freak except your closet thing? ME TOO!

Wes said...

Yay! for JayZ. Teach him that toes taste good at an early age!! Make sure you kick Shannon's butt on that half mary. I know you girls will have a good time together :-)

triguyjt said...

thanks for playing along...

i figured you were way experienced at this tagging thing. I'm just glad its done..haha.
Wally will love playing with LeBron.. Fans will love wally too.
I thought it very wild that Two Miami guys were in those trades.
Wally and Ira Newble... pretty cool.
enjoy training and teaching

monica said...

but i actually DO LIKE brussel sprouts. does that make me a weirdo?? hey, wouldn't be the first time..

kick ass at your half mary!!!

Kurt said...

Your job is to get TriShannon in shape to pace me at Twin City Marathon! You two awesome runners and athletes will kick arse!

Tell Big Jay that dook still sucks, NC state was wooped and UNC still rules.

Fe-lady said...

Yeah for Polacks!

I am 50%....

And wait until JayZ finds his "you know what"-

Cara said...

Congrats on the little bundle of joy! I know this is way belated, but I'm just catching up finally...

Glad you're doing well!


Mnowac said...

oooh I'd pick Jack too! Or maybe Jin...well I actually kind of liked charlie...oh bother. What a great show!

greyhound said...

Dude, you can bike for longer than 7 hours. Grading should be no problemo.

Steve Stenzel said...

Students sure can rub it in. And Wally use to play for my team. I miss him!!

Laurie said...

I love these updates, even if you have limited time nowadays. I completely understand and will take what I can get. Especially anything about Jay-Z, I love babies.

I've made my blog private, if you would like an invitation, please send me an e-mail.

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

I LOVES some ice cream!

Cara said...

Ugh -- I know what you mean about grading. I'm soooo far behind, and only 2 weeks before 3rd term report cards! Some things are just more important, though!

Congrats on the running/swimming! I am so jealous! My exercise "routine" is nothing like what I had hoped it would be, so I've totally tossed out all hope of PR-ing at anything.

And hooray for JayZ and his toes! I love little babies with their feet in their mouths!

Rae said...

Hmmmmm.....Jack vs Sawyer is tough. I'd want to say Sawyer but I know it would be Jack.....