Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made." --Psalm 139:14

This was the verse that the sermon focused on today, the day we baptized our son. I haven't been to church since he's been born--something I'm not really proud of. I've been praying a lot--a LOT--don't get me wrong, but I haven't actually been to a service until today.

And that was the verse that the sermon focused on.

That was also the verse that I had typed small and taped in my bento box during Ironman. Because it reminds me that I'm stronger than I think, because that's how I've been made.

Interesting, no?

I'm continuing to be amazed by what my body's been doing. Yesterday, I ran a very hard, hilly 10 miles out at Hinckley with some of my Soler buds. It was hard, and it kicked my butt, and I loved it. We negative split it a bit, which is saying a lot for that loop. The last time I ran that loop was August of '06 with IronJohnny as we prepared for IMW.

It felt good to be back.

But cold. It was about 14 degrees when we started. (That's cold for here...I know it's balmy for some of my other blog friends) It was so cold the first mile that I could barely feel my hands except for the stinging.


Sunny, 51 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky this afternoon. I ran in shorts. A little windy, though. My Ironman hat flew off and almost landed in a creek. I saved it, of course.

My running is coming along really, really strong. Surprisingly strong, for me. I'm very excited to see what I can do this year.

It's pretty amazing what these bodies can do, you know?


Curly Su said...

yeah, it's amazing, for sure. thanks for the reminder!

monica said...

it's so pertinent that i'm reading your post right now. not that i'm particularly religious, but for sure spiritual if that makes sense. i had a "runner's high" of my own just yesterday. i'm just constantly amazed by what this body is carrying me through, and i know it's not just up to me. there's definitely something up there that's doing the work right along with me. i'm humbled for sure. that's about all i can figure out for now.

congrats on jayz's baptism. that's a major day!!!

Wes said...

It is amazing, and we are grateful you are showing us how to push the envelope! I'm sure you would have dived in after THAT hat :-)

triguyjt said...

congrats on the little guys baptism...
i know what you mean about being spiritual but not necessarily in church each and every week. (blush)
love that one pause.

good for you hammering those workouts...awesome...

my car was bouncing all over the road today, so i can see a hat flying off your head..

Taconite Boy said...

That's funny you post this. I was just mentioning to Bigun yesterday that I feel stronger training this year then last year. I think endurance training builds on itself each year. What was a tough 12 mile run last year is quite ho hum this year. Yea!

You just had a major recovery time in between seasons.


Brian said...

Now if someone can get that through my head at mile 23-24 I'd be happy.

Jennifer P said...

Shorts? Girl, I'm so jealous.

And the fact that you're stronger and faster -- can I say I told you so?

Lana said...

I knew you'd be coming back even stronger after having JayZ! Great job on the run!

Love the verse...and congrats on JayZ's baptism - so sweet!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job - keep rockin' those runs, momma!!!

Cliff said...

Our body is amazing. Idon't know how God does it. We just keep pounding at it and it keeps on giving ;D..awesome.

My IM hat is my treasure. I will never train with it :)..i am so glad u saved it from the creek!!

Rachel said...

14 degrees? Yikes! I will stop complaining about 50s. I would have saved the IM hat too. Bodies are amazing. Keep it up!

triguyjt said...

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Kurt said...

The 17th was my b day and I went for a very long run before I headed to vt. It is amazing what the body does do and continues to do.