Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Munch Munch Munch => ajfksdlfjsdlfjsdkldsajfkds

That's the sound of me eating my words.

Remember pretty much all summer when I was FREAKING OUT about gaining so much weight, and many of you told me not to worry and stuff?

Yeah. I get it now.

Not the first time I shoulda learned my lesson and listened to those who've been there....

Anyway, now that the running is coming along (I'll hit 20 miles this week--yahoo! Then I'll hold that steady for a few weeks before beginning speedwork/hills) the weight is starting to go.

I am officially able to button both my favorite pairs of jeans--no bella band required! This is good news. I still have 6 weeks to get back into my work pants and not have them look too muffin-top-y. The size 6 stuff still isn't a go but the size 8 stuff is. Sweet.

It looks as if my marathon plans have to change, too. One of my best guy friends from like, kindergarten, just got engaged to an awesome chick on Thanksgiving. They just announced their wedding date: October 11. Chicago's marathon is the 12th. The wedding's in West Virginny.

So that's not going to work. I can't miss his wedding, nor do I want to.

Looks like I might be heading to Columbus the following week. I've heard pretty good things and have a bunch of buddies that live there, so free room and board, and only a 2 hour drive. I'm a little sad that I can't do Chi-Town though and I know I still want to do it someday, but friends are more important, you know?

Munch munch munch. I promise to listen more to others that have been there.

And some of you told me that the anticipation of going back to work and leaving my little guy is worse than the actual event, so I'm trying REALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY hard to listen.


E-Speed said...

yay for weight loss! I think my SILs wedding is the 11th too. Maybe I'll crash Columbus with ya!

Wes said...

Well, some things just have to be learned on our own. Sound familiar? Got teenagers? :-) As long as they are not the REALLY hard things, take advantage of your friends. I luv your priorities!

Michele said...

I can't even tell you how hard I cried just thinking about leaving my son at daycare. It was awful. The first day back to work was bad. It got better quickly and I didn't even like my job!!!
You will adjust and both you and Jackson will do great.
Congrats on the weight lose. You are awesome.
BTW, the other day I tried to comment on your other blog and it wouldn't let me.

Michelle said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I actually weigh a good 8 pounds less now than I did before I had my two kids, so don't fret - you'll get back there before you know it.

I agree with Michele - the first day back at work was awful. The transition is rough, but it gets better very, very quickly. And now that I stay home every day with my boys, there are days where I wish I could escape to a quiet office for a few hours LOL !!!!

Cara said...

Holy cow, 20 miles!!! My weekly average for the past few weeks has been: 4. I am not happy about that, but I'm grateful for my one day a week when I can actually get out. Pilates and mall-walking with the babe have been my saving grace the rest of the days. I would kill for a treadmill, but there is nowhere to put one.

If I can ever get my weekly mileage up into the double digits, I would love to do the Columbus marathon! Can't do Chicago because we'll be out of town (in KONA!!!!!! -- for the hubby, not me, obviously). I want to go sub-4, and isn't that your goal, too? If it all works out, maybe we'll see each other there! Oh yeah, and congrats on the weight loss! You are my idol! :)

Taconite Boy said...

Cool. Another smokin hot Triathlon Mama

Try@thlete said...

Hope you're continuing to keep well. School? What's that?

Steve Stenzel said...

Alright! Shed those pounds!

Siren said...

Bummer!! I was so totally looking forward to seeing you at the Chicago marathon (and maybe even introducing our little guys to each other) in October! I've got friends with apartments downtown, so I was going to spend the night down there so I could be on hand to give you and Wil all the cowbell you could ask for : )

tracie said...

Congrats on the WL!!! I had planned to do Chicago in 09 with a friend, so you'll have some CTC love then. :) Leaving Baby J will be tough, but he'll always be there with a smile at the end of the day for you!

Rae said...

Way to go with the weight! That's awesome!!