Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Silver Linings

....after yesterday's utter homeowners disaster, it looks like carpet being full of sewage is covered by our insurance. Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Still have to pay a deductible, though, but let's just say that Baby Z will have the cleanest and newest basement carpet to crawl on and be all cute on. So that makes things somewhat better. :)

At least we didn't ACTUALLY WITNESS the type of encounter that my poor neighbor found floating in her basement water.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a Baby Ruth in their basement.

My buddy Steph DID give me a HILARIOUS shirt for Baby Z this weekend at my says, "If Pooping Your Pants Is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis." This is not only a take on my favorite Billy Madison quote, but pretty much the first thing I told her and my AGD friends when I crossed the finish line in Madison last year...except I swapped one bodily function for another.

On a lighter, and less smelly note, I got an AWESOME swim in today. Just a mile...but I felt so good and had I had more time, I could have kept going. Instead of doing sets of 200 like I normally do, I did sets of 400. It took me roughly the same amount of time, and I didn't feel as out of breath. Yippee! Now, it was still REALLY slow...let's not get ahead of ourselves...but at this stage in the game, I'm just so doggone happy to be out there doing SOMETHING.

I dream about next year and racing, too. I really miss racing, but I think even more than that I miss training. I love long solo runs, group runs with my Soler friends, and long rides with IronJohnny and my other IMW buds. I know that things will need to be flexible next year but I'm already planning on how to make it work as much as I can.

Case in point: just got my schedule today, and it is AWESOME. My favorite lunch period (later--I'd rather eat later for some reason) and instead of 147 kids like I had last year, I have...are you ready for this?....101!!!! AWESOME. This is in 5 classes. I have one pretty big class of freshman and the rest are small. I knew that teaching the AP would have this effect, but I guess I didn't realize how much. So, I will have a MUCH higher load of grading, and a much higher quality of work to grade (like essays and the beloved DBQ's), but not as many bodies. I'll take that.

I'm still nervous though. But excited. Even more so now that I know my awesome friend who retired this year and whose schedule I'm essentially taking over agreed to be my sub! She is, without a doubt, the best teacher I've ever seen. I feel so good knowing my kids will be in her hands for almost 4 months.

The other good part of my schedule is that I have 1st period planning...AGAIN! This makes 3 years in a row. I used to hate it....before I started doing the long stuff. Now, I really enjoy having my first period free so I am not as rushed in the morning. AND, this just might work out well with Baby Z, since I've sort of (GASP) become a morning workout person. I can get my swim in--maybe even swim with my Y friends, like Dave the Lifeguard, TriEric, Noodle Lady, and Navy Guy again! Or, I can hit the treadmill or trainer in my basement for an hour before the shower. The main thing, of course, will be lack of sleep...but I feel like my body's preparing me for that a bit already. Matt HATES working out in the AM, and is MORE than happy to have AM Baby Z duty so he can work out in the afternoon. We're already discussing it, and that's going to be half the battle, I think. The other half is SLEEP.

Case in point: I've become a third-trimester insomniac. My pal Suzi had a similar issue. I just don't seem to sleep well, and when I do, the baby wakes me up with kicks or I have to pee like SEVEN TIMES A NIGHT. Last night, I really don't think I got more than 2 hours of continuous sleep at all.

Practice, anyone?

See, I know this is going to factor in next year. PLEASE don't tell me again how it will. I swear I understand. :) XT4 and I were just discussing how very well-intentioned people who keep mentioning how we have no idea how much things are going to change are starting to drive us batty. WE. GET. IT. We'll figure it all out. But, I for one refuse to just throw the towel in and give up because I'm tired. Like today. I so did NOT want to swim, but I dragged my sorry sleepy ass to the pool and had the best swim I've had in probably 2 months.

Lesson learned. You will be tired, and sometimes, a workout will make you feel better. Even if it's small.

So there's another silver lining for me. The girl who loves to sleep...the one who with DaisyDuc could BARELY MAKE 1:00pm brunch in the dining hall ...she is realizing she can do more with less sometimes.

It's not going to be easy, but it'll work somehow.


DCTriGirl said...

First of all, I almost died when I saw that picture. I knew where you were going with it before I had to read anything.

I think that triathletes are inherently planners and enjoy living such a regimented life that they might benefit from going with the flow a little bit more. I'm so envious of your ability to foresee that this will probably happen and that you are so accepting of whatever will happen.

And isn't it funny that when you are least motivated to work out, you sometimes have the best you have had in a while? Guess that's a lesson to always keep going.

Run for Chocolate said...

Don't worry after you have the baby you'll be up like five times a night!!

JenC said...

Glad to hear the insurance will cover the damage, but sorry you had to go through it.

If anyone can get back to racing shape, it is you! You and Suzi will be my role models (and advisors).

KC said...

I also had the third-tri insomnia. It was sort of maddening. The only plus was that I was up long enough to talk to and im my friends on the west coast.

When I was up with the baby, it was better - at least I was doing something. I also liked to think about all the other moms up in the middle of the night, feeding and rocking their babies. Like it was some secret sisterhood. ;)

I also love first-hour prep. Second is good too. Anything in the morning that gives me a chance to fix my lesson if it ends up sucking.

Kim said...

hilarious poo/candy picture :)

sounds like you had a good swim this week! congrats my dear!

from waking up early for morning workouts to waking up to pee bc of baby z... youre a trooper!

Wes said...

You are in your third trimester and you did "just a mile". I love that! T you rock!! Good news on the basement and teaching home fronts! Beware the floating candy!!

jkrunning said...

You'll be fine. You have a hubby who will help and things will be fine.

I'm impressed you swam a mile this far into your pregnancy, you are my hero for that!

greyhound said...

You'll be more than fine. You'll be great.

Now for some perspective on your awesome, athletic self. I think I swam with some preggos yesterday, and you could have crushed them with your mile speediness. They must have been preggos. They had the belly and the breast fairy had come--but THEY WERE GUYS WITH MOOBS. EEEEEWWWWWWW.

One was even trolling slowly up and down the pool with a snorkle and fins, like an overgrown 6-year old or an obese allegator.

Never forget to compare yourself to the population as a whole, not just your pre-preggo self.

Steve S. said...

Gross... I can never eat a Baby Ruth again. Congrats on the swim!!

Eric said...

I almost peed my pants seeing the Baby Ruth bar.

You'll be fine next year with Baby Z. You and Matt will work it out becuase it's important to both of you.

Triteacher said...

That's the spirit, Sara! You know what all those people forget is that you and XT4 are Superheroes! (And I don't just say that cuz I was there on 9/10/06 with ya-all either...;))

Cara said...

Yay, new carpet! (though it sucks that you had flooding in the first place -- by the way, Happy Anniversary!)
I LOVE 1st block (or period, or whatever) prep! I have it too, thank GOD! Gives me time to pull myself together in the morning.
And I'm SO impressed that you can get up early to swim! I've been rolling in whenever I feel like, which is NOT early. I'm awake and getting kicked from 2-ish until 4-ish every night. Practicing for the real thing, I guess. Next week will be a rude awakening.

TriBoomer said...

Love the Miles Davis saying. LOL!

Glad to read the basement will just like new.

Stay tuned...

Try@thlete said...

Good luck on the journey!

Rae said...

Oh, one day you guys will totally laugh about this anniversary! Sometimes I want to pack it all up and just be a renter, but then sometimes you sort of look around and appreciate all the hard work and especially that you've done it yourself!

Papa Louie said...

Now I can't eat a baby ruth anymore. I'll be thinking of your neighbor.

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