Sunday, August 26, 2007

Awesome, awesome weekend

I just had to end an awesome weekend with my 2 close friends from college, Sam and Mindy. It went WAY too fast. They couldn't make my shower, so they picked a weekend to fly out and celebrate the baby and Mindy's upcoming wedding, too. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Why must my college girls live so far away?


Sam helped me pack my diaper bag (whoa) and we ran out of time to put together a hospital bag. It was on my "recommended things to do" email this week, which is just crazy.

I'm getting huger by the second it seems. The dress I wore to my shower on August 5 is almost too small. I wanted to wear it to school but fear that the first day of school is prolly the last time I can fit into it before Baby Z arrives.

You know what really made me freak out for 30 seconds? Matt came home with some Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale Friday night.

If they are selling Pumpkin Ales, that means it's close to October.

And close to Baby Z.


Meeting 2 of my tri-mom friends for a walk tomorrow--the weather has finally broken and this humidity insanity is pretty much gone. Good news for me as I head back to school Thursday!

Pumpkin Ale.

They are selling Pumpkin Ale.

I really want some.



Siren said...

Me too. Blue Moon is Da BOMB.

Today I had to try on 4 different shirts to find something decent enough to go to a cookout. (My standard yoga pants and sports bra look didn't feel right for a social event!) Apparently we're getting bigger or something - what's up with maternity clothes getting snug?!

JenC said...

So glad the weather broke for your first days back to school!

Just wait until milk expiration dates are later than your due date. That always freaks me out when a big race is approaching. : )

Wes said...

Hang in there T! Pumpkin Ale will soon be yours again :-)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Not to worry, everything is early. Costco is already stocking Christmas stuff. What's up with that?

Jodi said...

Pumpkin Ale is my FAVORITE! I'll have one with ya in October



RunBubbaRun said...

Maybe they have some pretend ALe, to get you through the craving...

Wow, baby Z is coming soon.. So when is the taper :)

tri-mama said...

The count down is starting! That last month will seem like the longest and shortest month of your life. Enjoy it, savor it and rest as much as you can. It would be cool if you could be there with me to catch Grayhound when he crosses the finish line- but you will be there in spirit, and we will be thinking of you the one who has inspired us all.

Josh said...

For what it's worth, I just picked up some organic milk that expires AFTER our due date.

Yeah, we freaked about that.

Good luck!

And holy smokes... is it time to pakc the hospital bag already? We've not even started thinking about that. Yikes!

Lana said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Baby Z is near - Look out world!!!!

Jessica said...

They're also selling Halloween candy. Maybe you should stick to that for now. :-)