Saturday, September 02, 2006

Well, it was bound to happen sometime.

Minor freak-out today.

Matt left for Windsor, Ontario for a bachelor party this morning--so I'm swingin' solo today.

BTW, Matt is one calm dude. Like, he might be the most laid-back, calm dude ever. Which is perfect for me, since I sometimes have little freak outs. Keep that in mind.

So I got up and it was pouring--thanks, Ernesto. Since I've been fighting this cold and it was chilly, I pansied out and did my 2 hour spin in zone 1 on the trainer. It was not very fun. But, I figured better to do that and be insanely bored than to have my little head cold thing get worse.

And then, I showered and headed to the LBS to drop off my bike. My bike, by the way, now has a new name. It's Arcaro. It's still Italian, and you might know why it fits perfectly. It's a she, too. I know, I know, most girls ride a male bike. But Arcaro's a sassy bad ass. She yells and me and stuff. So Arcaro, it is. Arcaro and I went to the LBS and I left her there. I told them what to do and walked out.

And since then, I've been a little bit of a mess.

Matt took the checkbook with him. He said he needed to write a check for the hotel room. OK, that makes sense. But when I am feeling a little uneasy, I like to pay bills and clean my house. Why? Because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and something to focus on besides worrying. So I've already cleaned the house several times over, and bills it was.

Except he has the checkbook.

And for some reason that set me off.


Um, I'll be home TOMORROW.


The usual way a Sara Freak-Out Session ends is by Matt making fun of me until I realize how stupid I sound and then I stop. So that's what he did. And now I'm OK. For now. I think.

Nah, all joking aside, I'm fine. But it will be nice to have Matt back tomorrow, just in case.

So tonight I am heading to Marie's for a girls night of eating and watching old Sex in the City DVDs. If that's not girly I don't know what is.

Tomorrow I'll pick up Arcaro and then probably head to TriEric's house Monday to have him give her a second look.

Tuesday and Wednesday I teach. And Wednesday, at 3:08 when the bell rings, I will head to my car which will be all packed up, jump on I-90 West, and drive until I get to Chicago.

Holy crap.


Wes said...

We are all very familiar with Arcaro! She's been tough on you, but during the Ironman, she's going to be your best friend, and will lead you onto the path of freakin ROCKIN!

Fe-lady said...

Best of luck to you! Glad you are taking some time off from work to get centered for this! I too am getting a head cold I think- damn schools. And I have a running race on Labor day....I will have to take some more Airbourne and rest alot. You too!
Oh- I am curious- what do your students say? Your co-workers? Does anyone you work with really understand what it is you are about to accomplish??? (Well, if not, I certainly do! Sometimes it's lonely out there in the tri/working/teacher world!)

Kurt said...

Chill there TST! The bills will be there and wont get there any sooner. The tri is coming up, focus on that. Send socks to me if your still bored also!

Pharmie said...

I think that you are allowed one freak out session. Better now than the evening of Sept 9. Tri hubbies are the best. BTW, my number is 2126 :)

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I love the minor freak outs. They are hindsight.

greyhound said...


Hey, wait. I'm not racing.