Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yes. That's it.

I've re-discovered something through all this running I did all spring.

Something was just missing.

Don't get me wrong...I loved running (most of the time) and really did enjoy pushing myself in the marathon. I tried my best to take setbacks in stride. I kicked my own butt on a daily basis, especially with those cursed Yassos. I dreamed big, and I went for it. And that was painful, but awesome.

But something was missing.

And over the past two weeks or so, I've found it.

I am, most definitely, a triathlete.

There's just something about the quiet calm of laps in the pool, the burning arms during a harder set, and 41 miles on a quiet morning with a friend.

Yes, that's better.



Jennifer said...

YES!! I was going to take the fall "off" from triathlon but after only a week I jumped back on the bike, rejoined masters, and started doing bricks. Ahhh. Oh, and registered for the next race. As my coach said, "welcome to the world of the addicted." Ha.

Pharmie said...

Welcome back! Can't wait till I can look at my bike again :) You're going to have so much fun here next month!

Elizabeth said...

There is something about a good pool set or that awesome long ride miles from home that is beyond words. Once a triathlete, always a triathlete!