Friday, February 11, 2011

My new definition of relaxing

So tonight I went to Target. All by myself!

Sigh. It was glorious. I listened to some good chill tunes on the way there, talked to Best Friend Sammy in STL, and got to wander all around Tar-zhhhay by myself wishing it were possible to buy everything. What a relaxing after school trip!

I know. That's pretty lame.

Anyway, so "relaxing" has become trips to Target solo and my wee hours workouts. I think I could use a vacation or something. But seriously--my 5am workouts are my secret little weapon. It's like I get an extra hour to myself that no one knows about. Who says you can't have 25 hours in the day, right?

It's going to hit 32 tomorrow for my run with Ana--WOOT! That, my friends, is what we call "shorts and tank top weather" here in the NEO. But I might just stick with running tights...just to be on the safe side.

Happy training!


Mnowac said...

Sooooo excited for it to be back to the 30s. I hear you on solo time. I went to a meeting at Whole Foods alone on Thursday night and called like everyone I knew on the way there and back!

Christi said...

Take the moments when you can.

tri like mary said...

Oh how I love Target :-) I'm also an early morning person for training and although some morning are tough getting out of bed I love that by the time most people are rousing, I've already gotten so much in.

Carolina John said...

I take every second of time alone to relax that I can get. Sometimes a trip to target is it, most days I don't even get that much. Enjoy the relaxation!