Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'd Like to thank The Academy!

Well, no.

Not the Academy.

But I do have a list of people to thank for my unfortunately unavoidable 13 mile run on my treadmill today!

Gosh, where do I begin? I don't want to leave anyone many to agent? No, wait. I don't have one of those.

First and foremost, my hubby, for keeping one year old Bean away from the treadmill by feeding her in her high chair for, oh, almost an hour and then entertaining her on the floor as she is like a moth to a flame when I run on the treadmill. Thank you--I couldn't have made it without you, and your master of distraction Jedi-like powers.

For Phineas and Ferb--you were on a loop there for a while, but Bug loves to watch you guys, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I used you to keep him entertained for a while as I was doing "my exercises." No shame, Phineas. No shame.

For Mugsy the Wonder Pug, for not barking too much when Bruno, the huge dog from a few doors down whose owners let him roam free at all hours, was clearly nosing through our trash. Mugsy...*dramatic pause* words can't express how much that extra 24 minutes in the morning before anyone got up helped me. *sniff, sniff* Thank you, Mugs.

And to Eminem. Your new album kept me going as my iPod has gotten rather stale.

And to Mint-Chocolate Gu. Sweet nectar of the gods.

And to my legs, which carried me in 13 miles in a super boring training run on a treadmill faster than my first half marathon. To my head, that's starting to come around and realize this progress.

And to my heart, that does it because I don't want to give up this morning time with these two, and refuses to accept anything less than my best.

I don't even need a gold statue. I've got a crazy pug to lick the sweat off my legs when I'm done and two kids to tackle me when I'm "all sweaty." That's better than a gold statue, in my book.


The Salty One said...

I'm jealous! I had to do my 8-miler before anybody in my house woke up. I've been telling myself that sleeping in is overrated. It is right?

Trail Smitten Mom said...

13 miles on a treadmill?! I'm impressed. Way to go! Fun post. I agree with Eminem being a great choice for the iPod.

Pharmie said...

Holy cow! That's farther than I've EVER run on a treadmill. You are a rock star mommy for sure ;)

Christi said...

The new Eminem album rocks! It has helped me get through a lot of rough training.

Rural Girl said...

I really don't know how you do it with two little ones. More power to you!

Wil said...

Good on ya, sis!! Hilarious post, too!

Andy said...

The acceptance speech leaves me at a loss for words ;) Mint - chocolate GU? I guess to each their own (gross!) Kudos to the hubby for running interference, I think he needs a best supporting athlete award!

allanjel said...

I use the mint-chocolate Gu too. Initially, it was good, but now it's getting harder to swallow. You TM people are like terminators, just focused on the mission and unstoppable! It's gonna take a miracle to keep you from PRing this year!!!