Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'd Like to Buy an Argument, Please

Scene: a 50 minute run...20 minutes easy warmup, 15 minutes a little hard, 15 minute cooldown.

Mind: (during 20 minute warmup) Hmmm. Heavy legs. What's up with that?

Body: Yep. Heavy legs. Again.

Mind: Ugh.


(fast forward to the 15 minute push)

Mind: This is hard.

Body: Don't you just wanna stop?

Mind: Ugh.


(now at the 15 minute cooldown)

body and mind both sneak a peek at the Garmin to see what the "harder" pace was...8:55.

Mind: 8freaking55? Ugh.

Body: Yeah. Felt pretty hard, huh?

Mind: And right about now is how I wonder how I'm ever going to run fast again.

Body: I know. You're slow, huh?

Mind: Yeah. But how? How am I going to do what I want to do in November? And next May? If 8FREAKINGFIFTYFIVE feels hard?

Body: Well.

Mind: Well, what?

Body: Well, you know you've always been the problem around here. Right?

Mind: Huh?

Body: You know. You know that YOU have been the problem. NOT ME. I have always shown up and done what I'm supposed to do. I got stronger. You got a little bit stronger...but not enough. Are you done yet? Because I'm tired of pulling all the load here. Do your job. NOW.

Mind: _______________________

Body: Yeah, that's what I thought. Stop thinking about November right now. In November you won't be hauling around a backpack with 20 pounds of bricks in it, which is essentially what you're doing right now. Think about what you've done in the past 14 weeks--and the past 40 before that--and GET OVER YOURSELF.

Mind: _______________________

Body: Get out of your way.

OUR way.




Aimee said...

This was a funny post, but so true. I read on another blog about the importance of having a positive attitude and how it makes a world of difference with training! Sometimes the negativity in our mind is what holds us back! Think of all you have accomplished, stay in the now, and you will get stronger! :)

Michelle said...

I so love this post! It's real. If the mind was as resilient as the body.....