Tuesday, June 15, 2010


SO proud of these girls! They are on their way to becoming triathletes. Way to go!

They braved the nasty drizzle-ly weather we had this morning and did their very first brick! They were NONE too happy about the fact that I made them wear helmets...they made that abundantly clear. ;) But I told them real triathletes wear helmets and to ROCK the helmet hair look.

We rode about 25 minutes and then ran 13 off the bike. I rode in the street while they stayed on the sidewalk. I tried to push them just a bit at the end and several of them came into our "transition zone" breathing pretty hard, which was great to see! We talked a little bit about proper bike fit--quite a few of them are so scrunched on their bikes so I told them to raise their seats up a bit. Hopefully that will make it easier for them next week! We had all kinds of bikes--mountain bikes, old borrowed ten-speeds, green bikes with wicker baskets on them...you name it! But they did it and did SUCH an awesome job.

Afterward we stretched and played a little "triathlon trivia" where I asked questions about transition, our race distances, Ironman, etc. and gave away some super cool Headsweats Evotri visors. BIG thanks to Headsweats for providing these visors for the girls!

I am so excited to be a member of Evotri and to be able to run this program with the help of my friends, Laura, Anne, and Danielle. Now, I need to get typing here and take advantage of naptime to get out my first newsletter.



SSB said...

Awesome. Headsweats is the best thing for helmet hair.

Christi said...

What a great turnout!

Krista said...

That is awesome! So cool to be getting many more girls involved in the sport!

Marv said...

I have done a number of tris and am a little older than most tri folks. Newbies are always asking me questions and it always rewarding to help them through but I can just imagine how great what you are doing must be.

均琇均琇 said...
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Anonymous said...
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