Thursday, March 05, 2009

Feeling Like Spring

Yesterday, I did a swim. 100s at race pace, and then 400s where I did the first 100 5-10% below race pace, 100 easy, 100 at race pace and 100 5-10% above race pace. I was tired, because I'm doing a lot of training right now. But I can't help but feel at home in the pool. Each 100 had its purpose; each one received my full attention.

Each one had its purpose.

As I glided through the water, I saw the effects of a bright and sunny, but still very chilly day. The sun was shining through the windows and I saw my reflection on the bottom of the pool. I was a little shocked to see the swimmer shadow version of me...I looked lean and strong, much like my runner's shadow that I'm always chasing outside. It's slowly warming up here, although I'm sure we'll get at least one big snowstorm. I'm not used to feeling like this in March, and by "this," I mean pretty damn strong.

One month from today I'll do a half ironman, and I know I can't control a lot. I can't control the humidity or heat, for sure. But I tell you what--I am as ready as I will ever be for this race. It's been rough getting in the hours, but I've made every hour I could do count. Every 100, every mile, and every spin session had a purpose. There was no "junk" in this plan. There's no "junk" in me right now, except for the occasional reward of Mitchell's ice cream.

(come on, a girl's gotta live a little)

I am very excited to travel to a race, to see my teammates--all of them--and to see a city full of such history and music and food I can barely stand it. I feel like this race will be more of an experience than usual. And I'm thinking of my goals, but at the same time, that's not my main thought right now. I'm just thinking of how much fun it will be to ride in a new, exciting, culturally and historically rich city, with friends and with my loyal training partner.

I've made every moment I could get to prepare count. Every single moment.

I'm almost ready for this new race.


Borsch said...

Love the No junk, but some ice cream ... we all need those little treats!

Carolina John said...

Good luck at the half. it will be a great race, good city, and a lot of fun.

SC's Adventures said...

Hi Sara, It sounds like your doing great! Well done, we are behind you 100%.

HOpefully I'll be doing as well as you when it is my time! I'm doing Antwerp 70.3. Any tips?