Saturday, March 28, 2009


Just got back from "running" more errands. Which means pushing Bug while I go to the post office, And by "et. al," I mean stopping by Malley's Chocolates to create a "sampler" of eggs.

(You an appetizer sampler. But with eggs. Chocolate-covered ones. Mint, Raspberry, Cherry, and Peanut Butter. And I'm splitting them with Matt so we can see which ones are best. Someone needs to do quality-control for the Easter Bunny, OKAY?)

This week was one of those where I felt like I was hit by a truck at work with SCHTUFF to do. For all those of you that speak Teacher, it was the END OF THE QUARTER. And STUPID me had the kids turn in projects and take tests the last two days.

*bangs head against wallwhywhywhywhywhydoIdothistomyselftenyearsshouldhavetaughtmebetter*

The good news is, the projects were awesome. I'm always amazed at what kids do if you give them a little wiggle room for creativity. I had a few kids make documentaries about D-Day, the Holocaust, and one made one about her family friend who fought in Europe. They were sooooooooooooo cool.

Bad news--I spent LOTS of time after school grading and grading and grading some more. But I think it's finally done. Yay!

So I shipped my bike Monday afternoon so it could go to Sweet's place...see, my team is taking a Clark W. Griswold style van and DRIVING to New Orleans for next weekend's race.

They are leaving Wednesday, so my bike had to be there before they left. Well, turns out it's there already! Which is great and all, except for one thing. It's 50 degrees here and sunny which means that not only will you see an abundance of Cleveland-ers out in t-shirts and flip flops, but IT WOULD BE A PERFECT DAY TO RIDE. Arg.

So, Thursday I did get in a tough ride at the last Spin/Second Sole Trainer Session--I cut the intervals down a bit but still went the full 2 hours. Then, afterwards, we had pizza and beer. Tasteeeeeee. Plus, they gave out goody bags with schwag in them! Can't beat that. The only trouble is that I had to ride a spin bike because mine was gone. (sniff sniff. tear.)

And let me tell you, it was NOT COMFORTABLE. Ouch. I definitely paid for cheating on my baby, my BMC. I think I pulled a little muscle in my left leg, so I'm going to really take it easy. And, uh, my legs weren't the only things that hurt, if you know what I mean. Ouch ouch ouch.

So, I don't plan on cheating on my baby anymore. I hope he doesn't hold a grudge. Right now he's in Illinois, and isn't there some rule about area codes and stuff?

Anyways, this week will be a little nuts as I prepare to fly out Friday morning. I'll do one more wrap up post before the race if I can, and lay out the plan. This should be interesting, to say the least! I am just flat out not used to racing this early, and something about it feels really wierd. Kinda like I'm celebrating New Year's Eve on September 9th, or something. But I just have to remember I've been putting in a lot of hours for quite some time now, and this will be my 4th half ironman distance, and experience has got to count for somethin'. You know?

Here's to the adventure!


Mnowac said...

GOod luck! It's almost time!

Josie said...

"Here's to the adventure!"
Can't wait!

Rural Girl said...

Oops, Josie is me.

Michele said...

I thought about trying to get on spin bike a couple of times this week but have decided against it, no cheating for me.

Good luck next week

Tiggs said...

Good luck...I will be there for my first 70.3. I'm excited and nervous!!!!

Steve Stenzel said...

See you on Friday!!

I don't think you need to be bummed about missing that road trip. I don't know WHAT will happen on that ride down, but frankly, I'm a little scared. We'll hear stories for sure!!

And is Rural Girl now going by Josie?!? What the heck!?!?


triguyjt said...

get your beignets (sp) in nawlins , ya'll

good luck in the half...