Sunday, June 22, 2008

Opening the Box

Well, so a few more days have gone by...

I had to go to good ol' Middletown to see my baby cousin Jamie get married! So. Fun. Literally, remembered holding her in my arms when she was a baby. It was so good to see my family.

I haven't had much of a chance to write anything down this past week. Let's recap why:

1. Hubby ROCKS and surprised me with Jack Johnson tickets with Best Friend, too!

2. I did 10:37 of workouts last week. Yahooooo! That is a lot for me. I know it's small taters for some of you out there, but it was fun and hard at the same time. I'm getting a lot in early in the morning before The Bug wakes up and then squeezing some more in later when I can.

3. Had Brick #2 with the EvoKids on Saturday--they did SO awesome and have already really improved! They just rock. And I'm working on getting another buddy's trying to work some magic with me, so I'll keep you posted!

4. In my spare time, I've been doing this:
So yeah. Writing's been on the back burner this week.

But I owe you a story of my fitting, so I intend to do that! I am a woman of my word.

I need to give MAJOR PROPS to the guys at SPIN Bike Shop in Lakewood, Ohio. Especially John and Greg--John did my fitting and Greg is the owner of the shop. What awesome guys! They hooked me up with an amazing bike, and that's for sure. I really appreciate everything they did to help me out and get me set up with my new team bike! Thanks, guys! And if you're in the Cleveland area, check them out!

So, I went to get fit on my new bike. I felt strangely like I was going on a blind date. I walked in and saw it....

But first I saw my buddy, TriEric! My Iron Bro! He had agreed to take time out of his day to help me document the fitting. He also provided lots of advice, as usual. Thanks, buddy!

The first thing I did was meet John, who would be doing my fitting. He, Eric, and I helped pick out a saddle. Then John explained everything we'd be doing for the fitting...he was going to take a million measurements, do a few flexibility tests, use some crazy contraption that was like a giant human protractor to figure out some angles and cosines and tangents and whatnot, and somehow this would all make the world's most perfect bike.

Whoa. I felt waaaaaay outta my league. But I could tell John really knew his stuff, so that made one of us! Whew!

I changed and put on my shoes and sat on the bike for a little warmup.

I immediately could tell this was different. I've been riding an entry-level road bike with aerobars stuck on it. This was a whole 'nuther ballgame, and it just felt different. My body was in a totally different position and the shifters worked really well! My shifters get stuck a lot on my old bike (Arcaro). But I love 'er. We had many years of history...six to be exact, and although we had our fair share of fights, she took me all the way to Ironman.

Everything about this ride was just sleeker...and I was in a completely new position. I wondered what this would do with my riding. Hmmmm. I guess I only can go up, huh?

John put some extra support on my shoes, which I didn't even realize was possible. But I have noticed my feet have changed since I had The Bug. I guess that's what carrying a ton of extra weight around will do. My shoes felt so much better when John was done putting supports on them under my new cleats! Eric helped me pick out some new cleats that were a lot bigger than my old ones. I could already tell the difference in power I was getting from my pedal stroke.

So John did his magic and took the angles and made the cuts. I sat there, slack jawed, in awe that this thing was really mine. I know that this did not come for free; I take this position on my team very seriously and I intend to honor the investment they've made in me and the gamble they've taken on me. This Time Machine reminds me that I owe them. Big time. And I intend to work my butt off to make my team proud and give back as much as I can to the triathlon community.

I got home and literally COULDNOTFREAKINGWAIT to take my bike for a ride. So I did...

....for an hour and a half.


You know when you've been running on your trusty running shoes forever, and you just keep running in them because you love 'em and don't even realize how worn they are until you put on a new pair and you go, "Wow...I didn't even know they were that worn down."

It was kinda like that.

I've realized over the past week and a half that I've been riding every second I can get that maybe I wasn't as bad of a cyclist as I thought I was. The times I've been averaging with the same heart rates I was holding before are consistently 2-3 miles per hour faster. Thursday I went 43 miles faster than I've ever gone in my life on any bike split of any distance, with an average heart rate of 143.

This thing is amazing, and I am still absolutely in awe that I'm allowed to touch it.

So here it is...


Comm's said...

That is a great story. Its like trading in your sedan college car for a new sports car. I bet you get two more mph just from the upgrade.

Siren said...

THAT. Is some sexy bike bling.

RunBubbaRun said...

That's a pretty sweet bike. I remember you eyeing Ironwill's bike back then.

Now you have one of your own.. Pretty NICE..

Wil said...

Oh sis, you wear it well.

And you remember your little freaking out phone call about that certain issue about that certain thing we had in common that we decided we'd find a way to work out??


OMG, I'll give you the rest of the crap at WIBA ;)

Flatman said...

Sweet bike....what's her name? ;) the video of the bu "swimming"!

Flatman said...

oops...BUG, not bu.

Wes said...

What a sweet ride. I can't think of anyone who deserves him(?) more :-)

DaisyDuc said...

Jeez I that bike is so PIMP....LUCKY!

Kurt said...

Great post and awesome pictures!

cyclonecross said...

Niiiice ride! I'll have to remember to enlist Eric, should I ever go down the road of getting a tri bike.

Pharmie said...

Holy cow that's one beautiful bike! Just hope I can keep up with you at WIBA now!

triguyjt said...

sara.....hawt looking bike and tri chica there.....

its a gorgeous bike. No doubt, you will build tons of great racing memories with it.

whats it weigh?? 2 pounds??damn it looks sleek.

Jay Z looks like a future triathlete

xt4 said...

Urk! Garbleurgleack! glubarpoldke!

(more face melting. first for the insane cuteness. then for the insane hawtness.)

Sweet said...

Wait until you get that baby on the hills at Wisconsin! Cake!

Rural Girl said...

You look so cool! Sweet ride!

Josh said...

OH, Snap! That bike is tight!

drool inducing!