Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thanks for the kick in the pants!

Thanks for the much-needed kick in the booty. I feel better knowing that a) my feelings are normal and b) I'll get there eventually. I know I can't rush this, and if I try I will only screw things up. My body is way smarter than my head, after all.

Speaking of which, JayZ is sleeping on my shoulder and making the CUTEST. NOISES. EVER. He'll be a pumpkin tonight and help us pass out candy. :)

Just got back from the Docs. Without giving TMI, and/or grossing out the world at large, let's just say that she was VERY excited to see that things are healing VERY well. Also, inconvenient/embarrassing/nasty things that often happen when you have certain procedures that I had are NOT happening, which is outstanding. Then I had a conversation to ask her about using the elliptical that went something like this:

TST: So I have a question for you...

DOC: Yes?

TST: See, I've been walking 2-3 miles a day the past 2 weeks....

DOC: (Making a face like I just told her I smoke crack for breakfast) WHAT? No, no no.....

TST: Huh?

DOC: 2-3 miles is WAY too much. I don't want you to have that much friction there...(yes, she said friction in regards to my bum)

TST: said I could walk...?

DOC: Like, a mile or so at a leisurely pace! Not 2-3 miles and not fast!

TST: Oh. (Thinks in head that now is probably not a good time to ask about using the elliptical)

DOC: In two weeks you should be able to get back to exercising.

TST: Oh. (Thinks again that she might smack me if I ask about using the elliptical) Okay.

And so it goes. But when you tell me I can start walking, then I START, you know? Homey don't do leisurely one mile slow walks.

But I guess I will for 2 more weeks.


The weather here is absolutely GORGEOUS--I heart NEOhio in the fall. The leaves are bright colors and it's a nice 68 humidity, no mosquitoes...perfect for Halloween.

So I guess me and the little Pumpkin will be going for a slow walk and then passing out candy, which I am going to REALLY try hard not to eat.

Except for one fun-sized Butterfinger. 2 glorious points. MMMMMMMMM.



Siren said...

Doctors REALLY don't get triathletes, do they?! They need to be a lot more specific about this stuff - I'd have done the exact same thing thinking that was a mellow return to walking. (Cause frankly, it IS. For us.)

Kurt said...

Make sure you give yourself time to heal but also listen to your own body.

I am back, I am getting caught up on your blog and don't worry about your weight!!

Jodi said...

Just got back from a ride in this glorious weather... well except for the gale force winds that slowed us to 12mph on the way back!

Can't wait until you are back out there. I'd love a running buddy!



triguyjt said...

only you know the pace you can handle. you go get em .

Rachel said...

First off, a HUGE CONGRATS!!! OMG! Second off, you know your body better than your doc. You're in amazing shape--better than most moms he sees. If it feels fine to walk 2-3 miles, I'm sure it's fine. Your body will let you know. Hang in there! You're going through a lot!

jbmmommy said...

I think that sometimes your body knows better than the doctors. But I guess you should listen if there are healing issues involved. Good luck.

Taconite Boy said...

Minne so cold has been beautiful as well.


Sadly, Tac knew all the details of what you and the doc spoke of because Trimama was never shy to paint the FULL PICTURE of her doc visits with tac.

:( and :0

RunBubbaRun said...

I think doctors always play conservative, but take your time getting back..

I always think you know best about how you are feeling. You'll be running with that baby jogger in no time..

Jennifer P said...

Ditto everyone that said you know your body best....that being said DO ease yourself back into training. I've learned the hard way. Next time tell your Doc you're using BodyGlide down there.

Rice said...

wow have I been gone that long? didn't you just get pregnant?



Tri-ing (to do it all) said...

Although I kept it a secret, I ran on the treadmill very slowly 15 days after a c-section. And see! I'm fine! (Triathletes are not good people to give advice on such matters, of course....) :) Good luck. You'll be running again in no time.

crazy tri mama said...

So much time, so few butterfingers! So many butterfingers, so few points!!

They really should come up with the triathletes labor and delivery recovery pill; a cute little pink or blue dose; right? Labor, deliver, pop the pill, done! Get up and run a marathon or two!!

Rae said...

Awww! We need some cute pumpkin pics@

TriShannon said...

We need JayZ pumpkin pics!

Oh, and oops on the walking thing. Clearly the doc needs to be more specific. No worries, you'll be kicking butt out there in no time!

Brent Buckner said...

A ridiculously high percentage of the population regards a mile or so walking at a leisurely pace as a *workout*! Maybe your doctor is learning a bit about communicating with athletes....