Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Soothing Sounds of Axl Rose

First, before I start, let me say last night was AWESOME!!!!

By "awesome," I mean JayZ slept from 11pm-2:45am!!!!!!!!!!!!

(it's the little things that make me happy)

Then he was up until 4:45 but then let me sleep with only 2 or 3 interruptions until 8:30!!!

That's my boy!

Okay, enough of that. So yesterday I totally thought I could go during his "mellow time" (usually 6-8pm) to Trader Joe's to get me some WINE (yahooooooooooooooo), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (my staple for cooking and it's hella cheap there), some Emergen-C for Matt (also cheap there), and tasty cereal and peanut butter (the bomb). Things were OK until I made it to the peanut butter, and then my little man decided to freak out on me. I was sort of embarrassed. I decided to high-tail it to the checkout aisle without looking like an even worse mother by perusing the wine aisles with a screaming baby. So, no wine for TriSaraTops yet. Sigh. Although I have had some tasteeeeee Hoegarden (yum!!!) which rocks.

I paid and sheepishly got the heck out of dodge, while JayZ continued to melt down. I got to the car and put him in, hoping that the car would mellow him out as it usually does. Not until I turned on the radio did he calm down. And who was on the radio? My boy Eddie Vedder, singing "I Am Mine," which is on my running mix.

Sigh. Running.

He was pretty calm during that, but what really lulled him to sleep was the next song: Mr. Brownstone by G N' R. WTF??????

This is also on my running playlist and gets me so pumped up! But apparently to JayZ it is a sweet little lullaby.

I guess that's what he gets for having a father that listens to nothing but Iron Maiden, Anthrax, and Pantera in his car and a Korn onesie that he proudly wears.

Anyway, listening to these songs got me soooooooooooooo excited to start running. I really really really hope I get the all clear on the 12th to exercise, as I signed up for a tri swimming clinic that meets every other week to work on my stroke and just miss running and my running buddies so darn much.

I also saw that my Iron Sis Wil has started a 23 minute 5K challenge. See, that rocks on so many levels. I have run a 23 ish minute 5K a couple of times, but not in, like YEARS. That will be a fun goal for me to try next year. It got me all pumped up. My Runner's World Guide to Running and Pregnancy says to "disregard your pace for the first three months of running."

You know me. That's gonna be hard. But I'm gonna try.

So I figure if I can start run/walking in 3 weeks, hopefully by the holidays I'll be able to do some half-hour-45 minutes of consistent running...even if it's slow. Then I can gradually introduce some speedwork and hills in the new year, and hopefully be back on track by the time the first few 5Ks roll around in February and March. Maybe by early spring I can actually see some decent times.

Or not. Or I just get to make it to the starting line of some 5Ks this early spring and I'll have to be happy with that. And you guys will have to remind me to be happy with that.

And if spring comes early I can even take my little man out in his SWEET jogging stroller!

hee hee

So anyway, obviously, all plans are subject to change depending upon what the doctor says and what my body says. But for now, I'm getting excited to get back out there again. Fall is here--my favorite season by far--the leaves are changing and everything's preparing for winter.

So thanks to Eddie and Axl for lulling JayZ to sleep and for getting me mentally prepared for my very different winter.


Runner Susan said...

What an adorable photo!!! Axl Rose, who knew he was good for lullabyes?

Jennifer P said...

Isn't it crazy the sounds that soothe them? Have you heard the insanity that lulls the Lentil to sleep -- Romanian gypsy brass. Kevin even got a trumpet to play it for him. Yes, my house is crazy.
Hope your appointment goes well and that you get the all clear.
I'm so jealous of your wine.
And don't sweat the weight loss. You'll be there in now time. Eat clean and it'll melt off.

Wes said...

Anybody who has had a kid will look at a mom and know instinctively if they are a "bad mom". Babies cry for tons of reasons. Those who haven't had kids wouldn't know the difference anyways.

Sounds like a great plan for getting back out the safely and as soon as possible. Enjoy that fall weather...

Audrey said...

omg he is so freakin cute!!!!

Pharmie said...

OK, that picture is ADORE A BLE!! Are you sure he's only a few weeks old? He's a little hunk!

Bill said...

I'll bring the wine. Then your hubby and I could listen to some music. :D

We saw the onesies for sale at the Korn concert. Great idea!

I love all of the other onesies, too. Like "my daddy listens to Iron Maiden". I just can't find one in XL to give to my 16 y.o. :(

Jodi said...

What a cutie!

Can't wait for you to start running! I'm so in for the 23 minute challenge!



Steve Stenzel said...

Rock it out!...

greyhound said...

What a cutie. Somewhere there are little girl babies in their onesies who are sure to get their little hearts broken.

Rae said...

At least it's not Barney or the Wiggles he's into. Pippin's "sleepy time" music is Bette Midler. Honestly. It's terribly embarrassing.

Run for Chocolate said...

He is sooooo cute. I used to hate when my first baby cried in stores, by the third I just whipped out my boob right in line and shut him up. I am sure the old man in line behind me loved the view, the only time in my life i had boobs!

jkrunning said...

Next time hit the win aisle first.

Lana said...

Do you have a Snuggly? One of those little things straps to you and the baby can rest up against you while you walk with him? (I hope I described that right) Anyways, Bo was the King of meltdowns in public - he had to be pressed up against me or he would scream to the top of his lungs with no end in sight. So when I did Christmas shopping shortly after he was born, I kept him in that thing and he was happy. You've probably already tried it, but just a thought, incase you haven't.

Rock on JayZ - I love Axl!

Cara said...

Axl, huh? How funny! Mine's not into music much yet. He kinda likes Sarah McLachlan, but he mostly likes the vacuum cleaner.

The 23-minute 5k challenge sounds right up my alley! I've deluded myself into thinking I can pull off a sub-22, but my fastest is 22:59 on a pancake-flat course with no wind. So I'm thinking 23-ish is a great goal to shoot for!

Cara said...

p.s. That picture is adorable! His hair! The eyes! Such a handsome little fella!
I have some pics with a similar background -- didn't mean to steal the ambiance!