Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Butterflies in my tummy.

Can I just say that I wish there was an Ironman every night, so I could watch live feed of the finish line for 2 hours or so, like, every NIGHT?!

Man. Was that FUN.

MAJOR congrats go out to all who finished IMUSA, and especially JenC and Cliff for their Iron-Debuts! I got to see Jen cross the finish line and jumped up and down. Well, as much as I can right now.

Also, major Balls to the Wall Awards go out to my IMW training buddy/partner in crime, IronJohnny, and to kIM, for signing up for IMUSA next year! I am so pumped to follow their journeys.

So I was watching the live feed of IMUSA for Jen to finish when I saw something SOOOOOOOO crazy. RIGHT within a few minutes of when I finished IMW, a girl came through carrying a little one at the finish line--not sure if it was a girl or boy--looked about 2 years old or so. I got a little choked up and teary. Stupid hormones.

IMKY '09, anyone? (For the record, Baby Z would be around 2...)

Got some butterflies from that.

Speaking of butterflies in my tummy, Baby Z is currently 3 pounds, 7 ounces. Holy smokes! That's big. Don't get too big in there, you hear? You have to get OUT somehow.


Seriously. You're lucky I can't kick very high anymore. Many, many f-bombs were dropped by me in the parking lot, as well as threats to go back in there and kick some arse. Much backpedaling occured as did promising that it meant nothing and WASN'T REALLY A MISTAKE, but I don't buy it.

Oh well. Nothing I can do now. It just makes me really upset, that's all. Why people gotta BE LIKE THAT? Keep your mouth SHUT, beeeznatch. We don't need your stinkin' commentary. I guess I'll find out if she really slipped up or if her attempt to cover up her mistake was honest in a few weeks, anyway.

Baby Z stuck its tongue out at us today. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. So that made me feel better.

And all is well in there, too. (Except that a very LOUDMOUTH technician sucks.) But in the scheme of things, that's what really matters.

Do you know what's really sad? It took me about 40 minutes to WADDLE 2 MILES YESTERDAY.



I guess I should be glad I'm still able to walk my 2-3 miles and am not on bedrest. I can't think of a worse punishment for me than being on bedrest. I think I might pull all my hair out and start speaking jibberish, like Billy Madison did at dinner.

And....I'm spent. That's all I got. Looking forward to some open-water swimming in a very, very cool location this weekend! Here's a hint: it's NOT Lake Erie. :)


xt4 said...

You. Have got. To be kidding.

Unreal. Can't believe the stupid tech let it out like that. Totally unbelievable. Shut it is right.

Did you freak out at her? Or how did that go down?

Anyway, like you said - important thing is, all is well in there. Continued good vibes to you, Matt, & BeeZee -

(ps - picturing your pregnant ninja kick. good times.)

Lana said...

OMG. You need a t-shirt that says "Loud Mouth Technicians SUCK". Gosh, that's ridiculous.

When Bo was born (we didn't know the gender) the stupid nurse yelled "Oh - is it a girl?!?!" and then the one beside her had to correct her after everyone had celebrated the fact that HE was a GIRL. UGH.

Michele said...

How about Ironman Florida ‘09???? I will start working on Lana after Gulf Coast in May. Flat and fast. Ocean swim. Make it a road trip. You could visit middle Tennessee on the way, the Hotel De Emerson has free rooms.

Sorry about the stupid tech. I am dying to know what you are having can you ask her to email me???

greyhound said...


You really should make a formal complaint about the tech. Sloppiness in reading charts and in complying with advanced health care directives and informed consnet can lead to medical outcomes way more serious than blowing the big secret. Blowing patient consent is like the unpardonable sin in health care.

Well, at least we know one thing--if Baby Z is already copping an attitude, we know you're the Mom. :)

TriShannon said...

Oh no! I cannot believe the tech let it slip out. You would think they would be better trained than that. Glad Baby Z is doing good!

Kim said...

aw thanks sweets for the shoutout! :) hell, maybe ill do IMKY with you in 09... after all, i am a fan of KY, the jelly, not the state ;)

baby z is gonna be a soccer player, yes he/she is :)

jkrunning said...

So, what are the chances of you letting it slip to us?
NO? Okay, I guess we'll have to wait like everyone else.

Sorry for the loud mouth tech.

E-Speed said...

geeze louise damn techies. Hopefully they were just trying to throw you off the trail ;) Glad all is well with the baby!

Siren said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry your tech was a dumbass!! It's not like they don't do that job every minute of every day, they should know better than that!!

My next ultrasound is on Monday - I think we're going to find out. (I'm on the fence, husband wants to know.)

I've been at the 20 minute mile mark for a few weeks now - I know it TOTALLY sucks for you, but it's kind of nice over here to know I'm not alone on that score!

txrunnergirl said...

I just ran across your blog today. It's great! Congrats on BabyZ...sorry the tech was such a blabbermouth! That completely sucks. And, I too was waddling the miles really slow in my final weeks. Hell, who am I kidding? I was waddling slowly like that for months!

Taconite Boy said...

I'm with Siren regarding your tech. But sheesh, does greyhound sound like a lawyer or what? :)

JenC said...

I may be talked into IMKY in 2009. Lets definitely consider it an option.

Sorry the technician was a dumbass.

Thanks for watching and thanks for the voicemail! When I was disappointed after the race, all I wanted to do was talk to you, because I know you felt the same way about some of it. Got to let go of the disappointment though, right? It was what it was. We are Ironmen and we deserve the title fo' sure!

Rae said...

So....technicians suck and should be fired but.....are you gonna tell us if it's a girl or a boy?

I think if I ever do an Iron it will be KY, but I don't think it will be 09!!

mark said...

I would just like to apologize on behalf of all us Ultrasound techs that know how to keep our mouths shut. That is unacceptable behavior and I'm very sorry that happened to you.

Steve S. said...

Hey, you still got 2 miles in, no matter how it looked or felt...

Kim said...

(dear friend, any suggestions on where to find training swimsuits online? why do i feel like you have found some good sales?)

Cara said...

OMG, I can't believe the ultrasound tech spilled the beans like that! I would be SO PISSED!!

I can tell that we're not too far apart in our time lines when I read that 2 miles took you 40 minutes and I thought "Dang, that's pretty good!" Perspective changes, I guess!

Run for Chocolate said...

stupid technician, I did not have ultrasounds so I was lucky, but what a jerk. You never know,she could be wrong.