Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swimming and Canada

You know what totally stinks about pregnant swimming?

1. How slow I am.

But, you know what totally ROCKS about pregnant swimming? Let me count the ways...

1. I actually feel almost normal!
2. I'm still doing (ugly) flip turns!
3. I can still sort of "race" the people next to me even though they don't know it! Totally caught up to this chick next to me after about 100 and then managed to squeak by 2 lengths ahead of her when I hit 200. Competitive Sara rears her ugly head six months pregnant. Yeah, uh...that little game doesn't work out for me when I'm "wogging."
4. Multitasking: since I can only lay out on my back, I can swim and get some color on my back, and then dry off while listening to a podcast or just chillin' on the flip side! BRILLIANT!

2000 meters seems to be a perfect distance for now. Not very far, but hey, it's somethin' at least! So all is well.

Except for one thing: tonight I had to say goodbye to Canada Jenn, my partner in crime and favorite running buddy for the past five years. In classic Sara style, it didn't hit me until I got in the car to drive home, which led to a pit stop at Malley's to get 2 chocolate covered pretzels. After that, I proceeded to cry the whole way home. She'll eventually end up somewhere on the west coast (after a year stint in Peoria, IL) to be closer to her family, which is great...except for me.

I miss my friend already! Boo.


Bill said...

Slow? Unlikely.

In our local pool, one of the triathlete's is also about six months along. She smokes the lane and makes it look effortless. It's wonderful to watch.

And be sure the others watching you are thinking the same thing.

TriShannon said...

I'm totally the same way. The whole leaving/saying goodbye thing doesn't hit me until later when I'm alone.

Way to multitask... tanning and geting in a good workout! :-)

Kewl Nitrox said...

I avoid swimming next to pregnant ladies. It is too depressing when they swim faster than I do. ;-)

Wil said...

Sis, I bet you another chocolate covered pretzel you're STILL faster than me! :)

DaisyDuc said...

Yeah, I am glad I am not swimming next to you or I would be left in the dust of a pregnant lady who can still do flip turn better than me!!

Sorry to hear that your bud is moving but at least you will have another place you can visit!!!

Eric said...

Eh, Canada Jen rocks. I haven't seen her in so she is gone with her tuque and awesome accent.

I can see competitive Sara at the hospital......Matt, that lady came in when we did.....I bet I can get this baby out faster than her. Two chocolate covered pretzels to the winner.

greyhound said...

Seriously. What Wil said. Mix in a pizza or something. I can't swim as fast as MommyZ, and I don't have nature's little pull bouy and resistance parachute hanging below my abs.

Mallie said...

I'm sorry about you feeling low, knowing you'll miss your friend. But you detailed all that's good in your post as well. Friends like you've become will manage to keep it up over the distance!

Carrie said...

I can only imagine what baby is thinking when you do flip turns!! " Wow, my Mom is a blast! This is fun!!!" Or, "What adventures am I in for when I leave this womb?!?" Either way, she has a kick-butt life ahead of her!