Friday, June 09, 2006

Solo long ride.....


Just got back from gradumatation. :) Always fun to see the kids all in their gowns. I teach 9th and 10th grade, and I swear when I see these kids walk it feels like yesterday they were in my class. There's a whole post brewing in my mind about leaving school for the last time this school year today, but that's gonna have to wait 'til tomorrow. Me tired.

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments--you guys rock. It amazes me how we as triathletes, runners, etc. are able to do what we do--and you guys with KIDS amaze me even more. I hope I can keep this up when I have a few little TriSaraToppers running around, and you give me hope!

Yesterday I had a nice 11.2 mile run with a negative split--gotta get my long stuff in Thursday and Friday since I'm going to a Triathlon Women's Clinic sponsored by CTC and USAT this weekend--yay!

Today was my first real day off. I had every intention of getting up nice and early and doing my 4 hour ride in the am.

BUT I SLEPT UNTIL 10:00!!!!!!!!


I just DON'T sleep in, people. Not after 1999 have I slept in much later than 8-9 on a weekend. So I guess my body must have needed it. Whatever--I wasn't about to beat myself up. Still plenty of time to get in my ride.

So I got my Carbo Pro in the mail this week--on TriEric's recommendation, as Perpetuem did nothing but make me want to blow chunks. I know, I know, it's such a great fuel, blah blah blah. But last week even when I was started to feel dehydrated, I just grabbed my Perpetuem bottle, looked at it, and put it back down. I couldn't do it. So it was time to try something else.

Enter Carbo-Pro: supposedly it is "tasteless" fuel that can be mixed with water or any sports drink. Yeah, I've heard that before. "Supposedly" Perpetuem tastes "like an orange creamsicle." Orange creamsicle my ass.

I put it in some Gatorade Endurance, and after the first 20 minutes or so of my ride, grabbed the bottle and braced for the worst as I took a gulp.

*glug glug glug*


WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful! It tasted like the Gatorade it was SUPPOSED to taste like! Woo hooooooooooooooooooo

It's kind of like when you're 17 and you think beer is really nasty and don't get the hype, but then you try a Zima with a jolly rancher dropped in it and a bright light shines down and you hear singing..."aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" And you exclaim, "IT'S TASTY! I could drink this all NIGHT!"

Not that I've ever done that.

Well, ah...ahem...

Maybe once.

Anyway, I like do to my long runs solo, but long rides with friends. Why? I dunno. For some reason I just feel more comfortable riding with friends, plus you can draft which is nice. :) But people have to work and stuff. So I had to go solo.

Thought I'd start in my house, then head west, back to my place to refill if needed, and then east and back. My first 17 were a little slow, but there was some pretty strong headwinds, so I was OK with that. The next 17 were a little faster. I debated doing that again but decided against it since there was a lot of construction in one little town, so I decided to head to the park. Didn't even need to stop at my house to get more Carbo Pro--I actually got another bottle holder mounted on my bike so now I can hold 3 bottles! Yay! I got made fun of for only having one and having to wear a Camelbak in the heat 2 weeks ago. :)

Then I headed to the park and this felt easier. I was definitely getting tired and felt it on a few hills, but made it home in one piece and still felt like I could keep going! But it was getting too close to graduation so I had to hurry up and get in the shower.

When all was said and done, I did 71 miles averaging 17.3 mph! I was very excited about this. Granted, it is mostly flat with just a few hills in there and they aren't that big....BUT....we'll take what we can get. Last year, my long rides were mostly averaging in the 16's. So progress is good.

So now I'm very tired....kicked my own butt quite a bit here in the past 2 days. Looking forward to attending this clinic and gaining some good info! Time to read and go to bed.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

It feels like a Sunday night to me, since I did all my long stuff--but it's not so happy training to everyone out there this weekend!


Michele said...

Jolly Rancher in Zima??? guess i am just too old!!!

Great job on the ride.

Have a great weekend.

qcmier said...

orry for ditching you on the ride, but I had a more important ride. BTW, I've got something for you from WI that would look real nice in your new cage.

TryAthlete said...

I wonder what Perpetuem with a jolly rancher tastes like..?

Here's to more good rides, runs and swims.


Mallie said...

There's nothing a jolly rancher can't make taste better, right?

jameson said...

carbo pro is hands down the best stuff I have used. You can even just mix it in water and not really taste it.

going on a long solo ride here and there isn't a bad thing. It will prepare for the isolation for 112 miles...

your training is impressive... keep it up!!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Wow! Great bike ride, Sara! 71 miles by yourself? That's great!

rob reddy said...

carbo pro - WAY GREAT

long rides with friends is awesome - I love skipping work on firday's and ridding 5 - 6 hrs

after CdA I'd be happy to take you out a fun 100

Cliff said...

Today in my long ride, I keep thinking about you b/c I had snots all over. :)

U are riding further and faster..good stuff.

Use what works for you :)...

Running Rabbit said...

Fabulous ride, girl.

And need to try to sleep in a little bit more often. It does a body good. So do naps!

Joe said...

> and you guys with KIDS amaze me
> even more

Thanks! Yes, it was so much easier to train a few years ago before my little guy came along. But now I've got a great little fan that thinks I'm the fastest dad in the world!

TriBoomer said...

Perpetuem does the same thing to me. Just can't do it. Especially so on a hot and hilly Texas ride.

I'm going to give the Gatorade Endurance + Carbo Pro a try.

Is Jolly Rancer and Zima anthing like Red Bull and Vodka? Hmmmmmm...

Stay tuned...

Fe-lady said...

Teachers are SUPPOSED to sleep at least two days (or more!) after a full year of instructing not-so-inquiring minds! :-)
You are just catching up! Have a great summer...naps are cool!

Lana said...

OMG - I thought the "Jolly Rancher in a Zima" trick was just us Tennessee Rednecks!!! It's a small world.

Question: At what point in training do you need something like Perpetuem or Carbo Pro as opposed to, or in addition to, just Gatorade?

Lance Notstrong said...

Awesome ride Sara!!! I would take 71 miles at that average speed anyday!!!

Chris said...

CarboPro is the shiznit! I just bought another huge tub of it last week.

I like your "new" picture, BTW. I put that in quotes because sadly, I don't really know how "new" it is. :(