Thursday, March 02, 2006


Slug. Ish.

That's how I'm feelin'.

Shoulda known as I tried to walk outside this morning at 5:25 and WIPED OUT on my concrete steps. Nalgene bottle went flying into the neighbor's yard.

Yeah, freezing rain.

Luckily, I wasn't hurt. But I was pretty pissed!

Got to the pool and had a sluggish 3000 yard swim. Did manage to do 2 X 100s in the middle at 1:35 and 1:38...just basically because I needed to prove to myself that despite feeling like a lead toaster (stealing from Wil again--it's just so freaking funny) I could actually move.

Got to school and totally did not get to grade my 9th graders tests yet. I make them do an essay because I think it's important to practice writing and it also requires higher order thinking skills....but they are a pain to grade. I usually have it for them the next day. Looking forward to this conversation:

Me: Um, sorry guys, I don't have your tests done yet.
Frosh: *gasps* WHAT??? But we took them 24 HOURS AGO!!! What could you have DONE in the past 24 HOURS???? Don't you live here in this room????
Me: *In my head...* Well, actually guys, I have done 3 workouts in the past 24 hours, made dinner, slept for 7 hours, tried to unwind and hang out with my husband for a little bit, fell on my concrete steps, made a CD of 12 songs from the Jazz Age for my US History classes, and did a load of laundry since it was starting to crawl all over my house.

*What I actually say* Sorry. I am really busy. I'm only going to get busier from here on out. You guys might have to wait more than one day.

Frosh: BUT---BUT---ugh. *looks of annoyance and frustration*

Oh well. They'll live.

Now I gotta drink some coffee and get back my mojo....gotta do an hour ride today after school and explain to my kiddies in about 8 minutes why they don't have their precious tests....:)


Papa Louie said...

I don't know how superwoman does it working full time, married and overcoming a sedentary life. I think triathletes must be the greatest creative prioritizer in order to get things done in life.

Kurt said...

Wow, you keep busy for sure. Hope the wipe out didn't do anything to serious.

Always worth keeping the kids on the edge of insanity waiting for test results!

Cliff said...

U could say "...anyone who mention about the test will fail the class"..muhahahha...evil :)

walchka said...

I'd say that was a busy 24 hours. Glad to hear that you didn't injure anything on your fall.

Addition to Cliff's post..."one peep and its laps in the pool for all of ya"

E-Speed said...

good job on trying to keep it all together!

(and nice track splits on your 800s!) and you said you weren't speedy!

this is going to be a great season!

DaisyDuc said...

Poor thing! Guess I was not 5:45, baby stepped on ice to car in garage --succesfully made it!!! However upon getting out to shut the garage door and had that both arms way back-bend thing going on as I was trying not to fall down. A close call...northeast ohio always keeps the weather entertaining!

TTUTri said...

Do you feel like a super hero with a secret identity? A school teacher by day - an butt-kickin, mile-eater by night. Way to go!!

Keryn said...

Isn't it amazing how we get used to instantaneous service?

Great job on eeking out the swim even if you did feel like a slug.

Eric said...

Ouch. I was on the eliptical this morning and didn't get a chance to see you at the pool. way to stick in a couple of hard efforts.

Quote Caddyshack to your students, "You'll get nothing, and like it"

TryAthlete said...

Time!!! More time!!!

qcmier said...

Hope the kiddies took the news okay. They'll get over it. Maybe you should hold on to them till next Monday. That would be evil...

I probably would have flunked history if I had to write essays.

Rae said...

Maybe this will teach the kiddos life just isn't fair, ha!! Or you could deduct points for each kid who asks about their grades. Give them all A's!