Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Hello, running shoes.

Hello, buds.

Haven't seen you lately.

Well, that's because you've been covered with snow and ice. Aren't you a little early?

Nope. I'm right on time.

On time?


But it's only March 8th. You know there is more snow to come--at least one or two more storms, right?

I don't care.

That's a little brazen, isn't it?

Nope. I'm tough enough.

You're just a bud. How do you know if you're tough enough?

There's a flower in me someday. I might look small and weak now, but that's just because you're underestimating me.

Well, aren't you the sassy one.

No, I don't mean to be sassy--I'm being serious. I've been here all winter laying low--you just didn't know it. You didn't pay attention. While you were doing other things and running all over the place, I've been here. Planning. Building up my strength. And getting ready.

Getting ready?

Yeah. To be a flower.

But you're not one yet.

I know. But I will be.

Aren't the odds against you a bit? I mean, you are sprouting up about a block away from Lake Erie. Ever heard of "Lake Effect Snow?"

Baby, I live for Lake Effect Snow. Bring it on. I'm a perennial. Throw anything at me, and I'll come back. It might take me a little while, but I'll make it. Every year I get a little stronger, bigger, and more colorful.

And that's what makes you a flower?

That's what makes me a PERENNIAL. I come back year after year. I even surprise myself, sometimes.

Well, I'll believe it when I see it.

That's fine. You keep on going about your business, running around and doing your thing. While you're doing that I'll be getting bigger and stronger. Let's be honest: you're only good for 300-500 miles. I can outlast you.

You're talking some serious smack, buds. But, it's only March 8th!

I live for March. This is a new beginning, shoes. Every spring's a clean slate. This is my year--I can just feel it.

Okay, buds. Good luck with that. But I don't know...I think you might be a little crazy...

The best ones always are.


E-Speed said...

great post sara. V. cute!

rice said...

Thats one tough bud.



Curly Su said...

YEAHHHH for spring!!!!

walchka said...

A very enjoyable read. Great post!

Eric said...

Uz crazi Alfalfa.

Great post. I kept waiting for the metaphors and symbolism and relation to IM.

So here's my take:
I truly believe you are that bud with a beautiful flower inside. Laying low, getting stronger, building endurance. And you will bloom and flower during your IM.

You are tough and will come back time and again to reach your goals.

I'm excited about the coming months and our IM training.

Fe-lady said...

Miss those Ohio springs...kinda...or parts of it at least. That feeling of "newness" and excitement is just around the corner in the way of sun and great weather! Have fun running this spring! Cute story!

TryAthlete said...

Go you!

Keryn said...

Crazy is good. Are you crazy?

Wil said...

AWWWW, can we say Eric's logic is ON!?? Yeah Eric! I'm so excited about riding outside this weekend I can't even stand it! When are we making a run for the border??

Papa Louie said...

Did you get new shoes?

Spence said...

I think your daffodils are related to my daffodils. They're such badasses... can't wait to see them victorious!!!

Rae said...

It's totally spring! Our daffodils have been blooming for two weeks now and the Bradford Pears are in on the act too! It was 78 degrees here today!!! Three weeks ago I ran in the snow, CRAZY!