Friday, March 08, 2013

Green Beer Day, 35 Year Old Style

Ack--it's been a LONG time!  Sorry about that!

Coming up for air now--it's APUSH season, people, and that means every second I have that is not spent with my kids and Matt is usually grading or planning or copying or teaching my APUSH kids.  And the World ones, too--no disrespect to my World kids....they just don't have a massive test this year to worry about.

The OGT (Ohio Graduation Tests) are next week, and T-2 months until the APUSH test.  I need to take them from about 1940-2001 in 2 months.  Hang on for the ride, kids, cuz it's about to get all crazy Cold War-ish up in herrrreeeee! Mind you my sophomores were born 4 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, which is both hilarious and quite scary to me all at the same time.

So my alma mater, Miami University, has this tradition called Green Beer Day.  It's the Thursday before Spring Break.  Basically, the bars open really early--like, 5:30am--and the beers go up by 10 cents an hour.  I was only 21 for ONE Green Beer Day at Miami (the downfall of being so youthful, says old me now) and I was NOT GOING TO MISS IT THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Except that I had not one, but two exams that day.  One at 8, and one at 9:30.  And that's just mean.

So here's what I did: met my friends out at 5:30, celebrated until approximately 7:20, stopped at Bagel and Deli for a bagel (might as well follow up liquid carbs with more carbs, says chubby college me!) grabbed a coffee, studied for 15 minutes, took Political Science Exam #1 (something on the EU, methinks) and then Political Science Exam #2 (I think this was comparative systems or some other such nonsense) at 9:30.  Came home, slept until noon, and then woke up to my best friend Sammy jumping on my bed telling me it was time to go out again.

College.  Sigh.

And I got an A on the first one and a B on the second!

So today, I did the 35 year old version of that.  Taught all week, which means Friday I'm usually a zombie.  Went to dinner with Matt and the kids, which is a three-ring circus in and of itself.  Drank a delicious Hoegarden.  One Hoegarden now equals about 5 green beers in plastic cups from 14 years ago, or something like that.  Got home, layed down and watched 5 minutes of Backyardigans (gag) and then realized if I didn't run now it wasn't going to happen.  Changed.  Sleptwalked to treadmill.

Started at an 8:49 pace and dropped it down every 5 minutes so the last two miles were at tempo (just about 7:41).


Then did bedtime, and now am in mismatched pajamas and drinking some tea.  Blogging.  On a Friday night.


Somewhere, 21 year old me is staring, jaw to the floor, plastic cup of green Natty Light in hand going, "Seriously? That's what growing up is?"

And as I kissed both kiddies in bed tonight, still smelly from my workout and burping up a little Hoegarden, I smiled and answered (Phineas-and-Ferb-Style), "Yes.  Yes it is."


Unknown said...

Singing The Phineas and Ferb song in my head now. I hate that sister!

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Run for Chocolate said...

Gimme 35 anyday!!

Run for Chocolate said...

Gimme 35 anyday!