Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy 2013!

Well, here we are...2013!

Otherwise known as the year in which I will have been writing on this blog for 8 years.  EIGHT YEARS.  Yeah, I can't believe it, either.  Is anyone still out there that's been with me since the beginning?  Can I hear it from my O.G.s in da HIZZOUSE?

Anyway, a lot's happened in 8 years.

But one thing remains the same: on New Year's Day, I shall taketh the ridiculous Polar Plunge into Lake Erie.

I mean, it's seriously less than a mile from my house.  How can I pass this up?

Although I have to admit that this year, I thought about it.  The air temp was 25F with a wind chill of 11, and the water temp was 38.  Not to mention the copious amounts of snow we had on the ground.

But man up, I did!  And although this was probably the coldest/most miserable Polar Plunge I've done (I think it ties the other really cold one) it was still fun.
Me and some of my other equally bat-$@#t crazy friends

I'm pretty excited about what 2013 will bring.  First off, remember that whole thing where I was trying to drop a few pounds?

I'm down 12.  TWELVE POUNDS!  Yippee!  I feel great and my clothes feel much better.  I am almost to the point where I may need some new pants.  Mostly it's just good to be a little leaner.  I am at a weight that I don't think I've been at since maybe 10th grade or so.  Hopefully now I can work on adding a little muscle.
Someone needs to PUMP ME UP
Mostly I'm just so darn happy NOT to have a huge running race on the horizon.  After two rough injury-laden springs where I've pretended I'm a runner, I decided to stick with what I do best.  Training has been fun and I've really been looking forward to workouts.  I am definitely a triathlete at heart.  I hope to hit June raring to go this year instead of hobbling around and swearing a lot and saying "has anyone seen a pool lately? cuz I haven't" and just in general kicking lots of triathlon ass this year.

Happy 2013, everyone!


Anonymous said...

SOoooo jealous that you gals get to jump in Lake Erie in the winter!!! You all ROCK!

Carly said...

Hi there...hoping you get this won the ThirtySomethingFashion/November Grey giveaway...that dress is YOURS!

I didn't see an email to contact can shoot me an email when you get this message

Thanks for reading and congrats!!!