Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Dash Fun Tomorrow!

I signed up for the Turkey Dash like I do every year, and part of me wanted to go as hard as possible.  Obviously.  Because, as previously mentioned, I have a very difficult time racing without a goal.

But then my buddy Pappy (my softball/baseball bud from WAAAAAYYYY back in the day) who just finished his second Marine Corps Marathon (not to mention dropping a ton of weight--yay, Pappy!) tweeted me to see if I was running.  At first I said I wanted to go hard, but then I thought about it and:

a) when Matt asked if I wanted to cash in a Groupon to a Mexican restaurant nearby instead of cook, I was all, HELLZ yeah


b) I want to meet some buddies out tonight who are in town.

All of that? Makes me not want to run really hard tomorrow.  I am on break, after all.

So I decided my goal tomorrow is to help Pappy smash his!  I'm going to be a pace bunny.  Yay!  And I'm going to wear a ridiculous yellow sparkle skirt, too!  Why, pray tell, do I own said skirt?  Well, it was part of my costume for the Cleveland Triathlon Club Halloween run that ended up getting cancelled.  Boo.  And we all know how I feel about spending money (I HATE it) so I am determined to now put this thing into good use.

Even if it means looking ridiculous while doing so.

Best Friend is also joining me tomorrow, too!  I'm proud of her--she's gotten back into running despite a toddler and an extremely demanding job.  Yahoooooooo!

So tomorrow I'll be running with friends and helping them hit goals.  That means, then, that at Reindeer Run it's all about me busting it and running so fast I almost (or actually) puke.  Bonus!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and hope you find somewhere to trot tomorrow!

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