Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Operation Swim with the Fishies

So this morning was my swim morning. 

You could say I was a *little* nervous to try it all out and time it all up.

How nervous, you ask?

Nervous enough to wake up automatically at 4:FREAKING10 AM.  Thank you, internal clock.  FOR BEING PSYCHO.

Anyway, I found out something very, very exciting.  The pool opens AT 5:30!  Yahooooooooooooooooyippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  That 15 minutes is seriously key.  It means I can probably hit 3000 yards and still be out of the water in time to shower quickly and come home and put Bean's hair in piggies. 

(This is the most important task of the day.  Baby Girl has a bit of a mullet goin' on, and lest she be confused with this:

...I need to put her hair in some piggies, yo.)

The best part was that the high schoolers showed up, sleepy-eyed, at 6, so I got to see a few of my kids there which was fun.  And I made a good solid attempt to hang onto their feet in the lane next to me, which considering they were swimming, like, 10 people to a lane and I was sharing with one other girl, was not quite as much of an accomplishment as it would be if I was in their lane.  But I was still excited to be close!

2200 yards and time to SPARE, homies.  Bring it. 

I will leave you with one of life's great mysteries....why is it that I feel like drowning and that I can't BREATHE when I do backstroke and my face is OUT OF THE WATER, yet in freestyle I breathe just fine? 

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Happy training!


RobbyB said...

You're tired because backstroke is very demanding on your tummy and leg muscles, which are the biggest muscles in your body and utilize the most oxygen. Plus you're likely not as efficient at it compared to freestyle.

To help, make sure to keep your head back by looking straight up at the ceiling and keep your hips up so that your legs are propelling you forward rather than working to keep your body up.

Once you feel comfortable with that, consider rolling from side to side to maximize the power of your arms. (But keep looking at the ceiling!)

Karen said...

I am exactly the same on backstroke! I feel like I cannot breath even though - DUH - I obviously should have no issues. Weird.

I always feel bad for the under 18 crowd crammed in the lanes. My coach suggested we could swim 5 to a lane this morning and we looked at her like she had an extra head...and then proceeded to swim 2 to a lane. We have sharing issues :)