Saturday, September 03, 2011

A New Season

Well, my triathlon season is at an end. Sad face. I had so much fun this summer even though I spent the first part of it nursing my hammy. I was very proud and happy to end on such good notes at Huntington and Lorain, and I look forward to next summer and making the local tri circuit rounds again!

I am SO EXCITED also about what is to come for Team Evotri. Partnering with Quintana Roo is already completely awesome. I can tell they are as excited about us joining the QR family as we are! I got my new CD0.1, and it is pretty amazing. I can't wait to take it out for some good fall rides, and winning my age group on it for my first race definitely made me a happy racer!

Someone else likes it, too.

My Bug is turning 4 in less than a month. It makes me really happy to see how much he values being active, and to think that Matt and I have helped to foster that in him makes us both really proud. He loves to do "exercises" and "stretches" and "ride bikes like Mommy." He also loves to watch me swim laps and thinks it's funny when I splash him on a flip turn. And he gets so excited to watch his daddy play soccer, too. (Daddy is one hell of an athlete, BTW. He just is so modest-slash-quiet that you never hear him talk about it!)

Fitting in my workouts gets tricky during the school year and usually involves me rising at some insane hour. I'm hoping to rope Ana into a run here and there before I head off to work, and definitely take the CD0.1 out on the weekends, too. And I'm definitely looking forward to mixing things up a bit here in the off-season. Maybe a 5K (I sure could use a new PR and am pretty confident I probably could do it), perhaps the Buckeye Trail Half Marathon in January (because running in 2 feet of snow = awesome), some work in the pool, and hopefully I'll even be able to fit in some group trainer rides once the weather turns nasty.

Dances With Dirt is coming up soon and let's just say my team has the BEST THEME EVER. Plus, it's a lot of my favorite running pals that I just don't get to see nearly enough. So I can't wait to head to Hell, Michigan, for some fun and crazy miles!

So the triathlons may be winding down, except for those in the warmer climes, but that doesn't mean you can't still have some fun! Sign up for something new. Dust off the speed in a shorter race--or hit a new distance in a longer one. Take your bike out for some fun rides with friends and enjoy the fall mornings (go ahead, buy yourself a sweet long-sleeved jersey or some arm warmers! You've earned it, I'm sure) Be active, and have fun.

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ShesAlwaysWrite said...

That bike is AWE. SOME!
Bear is finally starting to ride bikes with me. I can't wait until we get past the age where he stops to inspect every sidewalk crack and anthill! Really messes up the ol' average pace : )