Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's Next?


That's what.

Taking some time off always makes me remember how much I love these sports. Whenever I was pregnant, I would miss anaerobic stuff like none other. While I'm running around a track teetering on the point of puking? Not so much. But take it away from me, and I remember how much I enjoy it.

Since November, really, I've been running running running and it's been great and all, BUT....

...TST is a triathlete, yo.

So it's about time I start acting like one!

This is also the first year in 6 out of 7 years (lost one season due to being pregnant with Bug) that I will NOT be doing a 70.3. I knew it was time for a break. I do love that distance and, like the marathon, feel as if I'm now confident and experienced enough to actually race it. I know I'll be back. But I felt like I needed a break from it so that I could continue to love it, and not resent it. I know that I made the right decision, because I am so so so so excited to get back out there and am looking forward SO MUCH to what for me will be an attempt to go back to the roots and hammer the short(er) stuff this summer!

Now bear with me. Remember--seven years, people. Seven years since I really focused on short course. So I'm sure I'm going to fall flat on my face a few times.


Here's what I'm looking at:

5K on June 26th--it's in memory of a former student who was killed in action in Iraq. I would love to do this, and I think it's about time I get a new 5K PR. (My current is 23:43 which came 6 or 7 years ago and I know I can do better) My only concern is that it might be too soon after the marathon to give that a legit go, but we'll see how recovery shakes out in the next week or so.

Lifetime Oly: July 10th. SO EXCITED for my team race and to see all my teammates and Baby Pharmie, too! Can't WAIT!

July 24th: Huntington Sprint literally down the street from my house (It pays to live on Lake Erie) This is a free race I earned from volunteering while preggo. Local and lots of friends--would like this to be a hammer fest, too (do you see a trend here?)

August 21st: Sprint or Oly--could see what I feel like later--also nearby and also free from volunteering--yahoo

September 11: Thinking about a half marathon with Matt, Ana, and my other friends Rob and Sarah. I've done it before--the course is super fast (slightly downhill point to point) and it would be nice to try and go low 1:40s

September 24: Dances with Dirt Trail Race Relay--just going to have a great time here!

So that's the plan so far. For now, I need to stop eating everything in sight (Cinnamon Toast Crunch! It tastes so good when it HITS YOUR LIPS!), and focus on actually resting and recovering and all that stuff. Oh, and get this! I think I talked Ana into riding with me this weekend and possibly doing the Huntington Sprint in July! I can talk that girl into anything! Skinny skiing? Bullfights on acid?

(That's a Caddyshack reference, in case you missed it. Matt will be so proud. Anyone catch the Old School reference, too?)

Happy training to all!


Janet Edwards said...

Oh it looks like it is going to be a fun year for you! Dances with Dirt? AWESOME!

Would love to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great summer/fall! Have a blast !

walchka said...

We'll have to try and meet up when you are in the cities. You'll have to let me know your schedule.