Saturday, July 03, 2010

16 Pound Backpack

I had a FABULOUS ride this morning with my friend Laura. She's been my riding buddy the past month or so and it rocks. Funny thing is she was my swim coach on the rec team when she was in high school and I was in middle school--and we both ended up living back here again. Who knew?

The only trouble with my rides is, man...I'm slow. I have to really push hard to hold a decent pace. ESPECIALLY up the hills. That's gonna make riding the IM Wisconsin course next Saturday really interesting.

Speaking of which, can I tell you how FREAKING EXCITED I AM to head to WIBA this year?! The only thing is, it's gonna be really really hard to leave these guys...

But I'm really trying to remember that I have a 16 pound backpack still. I'm super proud that I've lost as much weight as I have at this point in the game, but mentally, I am so ready to just BE WHAT I USUALLY AM when riding and running. And, folks, lemme tell ya. It ain't happening.


So tomorrow Coach Emily wanted me to do a 5k to "see where I'm at." And I am not very excited. I keep thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn't do it. But I can't really come up with any: it's a great cause, they have a carnival for the little kids to play, it's right by my house, etc. etc. The only excuse I can think of is that it's a little pricey. But then there's that whole "good cause" thing.


The real reason is that I know there's no way on EARTH I'll come anywhere NEAR cracking 23 minutes in this 5K. Just not. I'm not being negative here, I'm being realistic. For some reason, I can go forever and ever and ever at a 9:30/mile pace, but going under 9 makes me want to DIEDIEDIE. And I just know what I usually run a 5K in and, well, I don't want to give that up.


That's me trying to hit myself across the face. FOUR MONTHS POSTPARTUM, FREAK. I must CHILL. It will come. I know this, I swear. But you triathletes out there know how we get it, right? Especially the triathletes who have had babies and then expect to just DO IT immediately.

I know I got faster after Bug. I am trying to remember that I didn't really race until Bug was 6-7 months old. I'm doing stuff now that I didn't do until he was more like 8 months old (distance-wise). So it's only fair that the speed will come last.

I actually got home, put my sweet ride in the basement, and saw my 8 pound handweights. I picked them up and tried to run a few steps with them.

Dude. They're heavy.

That's 16 pounds.

So, here's the deal. I'm going to do this 5K tomorrow. I am going to surprise myself, I'm sure. I'd like to average under 9s but if I don't, it's not the end of the world. Because I will be the 1st place overall female in the "I-am-four-months-postpartum-and-carrying-a-set-of-eight-pound-handweights" division.


On a positive note, there is one place where a little extra weight actually helps you...distance swimming! Who needs a wetsuit? I've got hella buoyancy right in my booty! WOOT!

I surprised myself in the pool big time and even pulled off a 1:28/100 meter on Thursday. (That's good for me) :) Now, if the running and riding can just catch up, I'll be back in business.

Anyone want a set of 8 pound handweights? Please? Pretty please?


Marv said...

No childbirth but an ill Mother, lengthy hospital time, rotator cuff surgery and I want to get rid of the weight and get in the condition I WAS in so badly. Perhaps, it just my own impatience. But it gets me out there every day and one day will come back.

Cute those smiles...

Alili said...

Go Sara Go! You are ROCKIN' the 4 month post partum category. :)

Pharmie said...

1. Your slow on the bike is my fast. Maybe we can ride together at WIBA?
2. You are so my hero for bouncing back freaking FOUR month after squeezing out that cutie.
3. We're going to have a ton of fun next weekend. Can't wait to see you!

Christi said...

Good luck!

Michelle said...

Whenever I get upset about my stalled out weight loss, I try to pick up a 40 pound bag of dog food. And when I can't, I remind myself I've lost more than that already (and kept it off even through having a baby).
When I get upset about how slow I am, I remind myself I still have to lose TWO more of those 40 pound bags of dog food, and I should cut myself a break!