Tuesday, May 04, 2010


So there's been a wrench thrown in my masters swim plans.

Apparently, there's a new manager at this club that did the outdoor masters near me in the wee hours of the morning last summer. The one I heard such good things about. And now, this new manager said NO to the masters team using their pool.


Because that was going to be SO perfect! I could get in a 90 minute hard swim before anyone was up in my house.


So now, I decided that instead of plunking down the $40 fee for masters plus a drop in fee to swim this month, I'd just plunk that down on a one-month unlimited pass to here.

Because my pool opens May 31, and I feel sorta crazy guilty about spending any extra money on a pool when I can use one very very soon. The drawback is that I won't have lane mates to push me and stuff, but I think my buddy Martha is in for some early morning swims so we'll just have to push each other! :)

And spinning/strength is going to burn WAY more calories for me, which will help melt away these last pounds. They are starting to come off (yay!), but I know it will be a while before they're all off. I did the YogaRide on Sunday morning, which was awesome, and last night I did the Ride75 and was able to hang for all 75 minutes! Woot! As Coach Emily says, cycling will be great to get my engine back in order and help me avoid injuries that I might get if I run too much right now.

Plus, the strength and core classes will be good for me. And the times are more flexible than the masters swim--the bummer about the masters is it's just a rotten time. It's bed/bath/fussy time, and it's just hard for me to justify leaving.

So I think this will work out. But hold me accountable in the pool, will ya? I need to not slack off like I usually do.

And HOLY SMOKES am I excited for a little package to arrive in the mail on Thursday...let's just say I'll be heading back up to Spin soon to reunite my old parts with my new frame! Pictures to follow. And just in time for Mother's Day!

Mommy like.

Mommy like VERY MUCH.


jvanis said...

Christmas in May it sounds like! Have fun with the new ride and keep up the good workouts.

Andy said...

New Frame??? Same Color Scheme??? Gonna be good times! Hopefully the spin instructors will not vary as much as my gym... they are all volunteers, which I appreciate, but some of them just don't have what it takes to bring that intensity to a spin class. I need to get in a masters swim class, or get one of these local pros to coach me.

Anonymous said...


Rural Girl said...

"A pox upon you". Funny!

TriEric said...

Ride and Workout.....yay. Tell them you know some of the guys on Snakebite Racing.

Anonymous said...

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