Sunday, May 17, 2009

1:47.06...or how I got 5 PR's for the price of 1

UPDATE: Apparently, I was right and chip was wrong. They adjusted all the times this morning due to a "data error." It's still 5 PRs for the price of one, though. So TST = Super Happy. :)


I am absolutely GIDDY!

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect race or day. I fizzled a bit the last 5K, but other than that, today was the culmination of a lot of work and dedication over several years. I may not be Boston material yet, but I'm gettin' there. :)

When I got to the 4 mile marker, I looked at my watch and thought, "Hmmm. There's a new PR."

Then I got to the 5 mile marker under 40 minutes and thought, "Well then. Another one."

Then I got to the 10K in 49:40 and checked another PR off again.

Then I got to 10 miles and thought, "HOLY CRAP. Can I hold onto this?"

Then the other shoe started to drop and reality set in. :) My Garmin kept going in and out (stupid buildings) and my watch said just a few seconds over 1:47, which was still a 3 minute PR and I was REALLY happy with. There's been a bit of a finishing time controversy, but it seems to be solved now.

Regardless, this was a big day for me, and I couldn't be happier! A full report will come later, but for now I'm timing up a little snooze in my new lounge chair in the backyard (my Mother's Day present from Bug and Matt!) with Bug's nap.

It was a good day for racing, indeed. :)


Mnowac said...

ice job, what a great race!

Charles Howe said...

See, I told you (last year!) you had 1:45 in you!

Most everyone -- elite runners included -- appears to have faded a bit after 10K, so conditions were likely in play.


PatD said...

Nice job, Sara. A 1:45 half turned into a 3:42 full and BQ a month later. You are definitely closing in on that BQ. Nice day to run, huh?

Kate said...

Woohoo! Nice work :)

Charlie said...

Well done.
My garmin had the same issues.

Ohio Endurance Trainer said...

My watch was off by a minute also. But, we'll take it! Great Job!

RunBubbaRun said...

Congrats, very nice job.

BQ material? definetly on your way!

greyhound said...

Moms even have to sleep fast. Sleep while the Bug is down.

Carolina John said...

very cooL! good race, sara.

Kim said...

AWESOME JOB OUT THERE! congratulations! now time to rest!

Fe-lady said...

Great job! PRs all around!

Michelle Simmons said...

Fantastic!!!! So happy for you! :)