Sunday, February 25, 2007

For The Record

I'd just like to state that I'm well aware that pool swimming and open water swimming are very different things. I feel a little insulted here, and wanted to clear that up. Perhaps I should have stated all of this in my previous entry, but I guess I didn't think it really needed to be said.

Again, my goals are MY goals, I know what I'm capable of. I set my goals based not only on what I've done in the pool both the past year of training and throughout my 25 years swimming, but also from my 5 years of triathlon racing at all distances in open water.

Thank you for the kind words--I am and continue to be proud of my Ironman day. What would life be without high goals, you know? I will continue to aim high.

Now I'm off to the CTC Newbies committee meeting--I'm excited to meet some new triathletes and help them meet their goals this year!


Taconite Boy said...

Can I just skip to the bike in my Shoot.

Ellie said...

I'm thinking (after reading the comments)that what was meant there was intended to emphasize what you had to contend with in the race and how strong you were, kind of like if you'd run a slow marathon on hills and someone said, "A flat marathon just can't compare; you really rocked this course." Kind of like that.

You really rocked that course!!

21stCenturyMom said...

No insult intended. You rocked that swim. Sorry if I didn't express myself that well.

tri-dogmom said...

FYI - I've been told you could be faster in the swim if you can get a good draft! I'm practicing that now :-)

And, I TOTALLY get the frustration, sadness, etc. My first olympic tri... I got out of the water only to see SO many bikes gone. I looked at my watch & it read 52min. I almost quit right there. I expected to do that swim in 30mins! I did later find out that the swim was measured wrong, and it was a 2000m swim. Still didn't make me feel any better... Live & learn. My last Olympic swim was <27minutes!

tri-mama said...

I had to re read my comment to see how far I'd shoved my foot in my mouth. It must be unique to ironman that you go through so much transformation in training but on race day you pocket all of the different feelings about the day as it progresses, ever pushing onward to the finish, then as the weeks and months pass, you address those little pockets of emotion. I imagine the reflection never really ends-at least I hope not. So, thanks for sharing, and I'm sorry for diminishing your feelings. You have perspective of the day, and just because you have perspective doesn't mean it didn't suck to miss your goal. We're just all so proud of how you did!

Brad "el ZappoMan" said...


I just found your blog and was struck by this thread, so I thought I'd add my two cents.

First of all, I totally agree with your point that goals are personal, and none of us can ever really understand how someone comes to and evaluates their own goals.

Ironically, I swam a 1:28 in my first Ironman this year, and I came out of the water bursting with excitement... as it was 17 minutes faster than my goal time. But I don't have the same swimming experience and goals as you so it's silly for anyone to compare these similar times and our very different reactions and judge either one of us.

Ironman is truly an amazing experience... it is so personal... and such a huge commitment emotionally and physically. Even when we try to explain it to others (and you are a very talented writer who clearly is very good at expressing herself)... our readers can never really understand what we felt and feel about our race(s).

Anyway, keep it up! Good luck!