Friday, January 05, 2007

Today's sign of the apocalypse


I thought it was just a fluke.

Yesterday, in the hall, I saw one of the cute, stylish senior girls wearing her jeans.....

(wait for it...)

PEGGED AND ROLLED. Like I did in 6th grade. Perhaps the most ugliest and unflattering thing EVER to voluntarily DO TO YOUR OWN FREAKING PANTS.

I thought, ", that must be a mistake. Maybe she just forgot she did that."



That is NOT allowed to be in style. EVER. AGAIN. This style makes NO ONE look good, even if you are teeny tiny as this girl is.

I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

Okay. All better. Screw "fashion." Now it's time to return a tag from TriAl. The tag is as follows:

1. Find the nearest book.
2. Name the book & the author.
3. Turn to page 123.
4. Go to the fifth sentence on the page. Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
5. Tag three more folks.

Since I am at school, here's what you get.

The American Republic since 1877, Teacher Wraparound Edition
p. 123
"They include the right to raise taxes, borrow money, provide for public welfare, and administer criminal justice. Conflicts between state and federal law must be settled in a federal court. The Constitution declares that it is "the supreme Law of the Land."

Bonus points if you can figure out what kinds of powers the first sentence describes, since it was the sentence before that in the book that says it.

I will tag ESpeed, because she's always reading cool stuff, SteveS, because he's just hilarious, and Kim, just cuz that girl cracks me up.

I swear that pics from Hawaii will be up soon...been a crazy week, trying to get back into Eastern Time Zone--much harder than I thought! Tuesday night before school Matt and I were wide awake until 3am, which is 10pm in Hawaii. Sweet. To pass the time, we played "Guitar Hero II" on Playstation 2, which might be the most addictive game EVER.

(By they way, I totally rock. Especially on "Free Bird.")

Last night we met some friends at a Comedy Club downtown--very fun! Tonight we're hanging with some buddies and then I'm very excited to head to Second Sole for a run and breakfast/training seminar on Sunday morning. I did a few 6 mile runs at a nice easy pace this week and a tough Spinerval workout yesterday. It feels good to get my new training schedule this weekend for the Indy Mini coming up in May!

Now, the most pressing question....

Do I sign up for the Chicago Marathon or not? Some of my Soler buddies are doing it, Jacks my kick ass friend lives there, the marathon turns 30, I turn 30....sounds like fate to me! But, $110 is an awful lot if I'm not sure if I can commit to it. My buddy Pat says it will sell out in May. Decisions, decisions.....

Happy Half Birthday to Me!

This might be the most random post ever.



Pharmie said...

EEK! Not the rolled pants! I NEVER thought I'd see that EVER again:( Isn't it bad enough that spandex pants have come back? I've even seen stirrups here and there! I guess I'll just have to resolve to being super uncool.

Megan said...

In regards to Chicago- I live here, done it twice and believe it to be one of the best marathons out there (even better if you have friends here!) It is expensive, for sure, and sells out in record time now, but I recommend it!

Laurie said...

Random yes, but when are our streams of consciousness not random?

My older brother rolled my jeans for me on the bus to kindergarten. My mom didn't like it when we followed fads so we had to hide it. But OMG I would die if that came back, for even two seconds. I am hoping it is just an Ohio thing.

Flatman said...


Cliff said...

U have ot demonstrate us the pegged and rolled method :)

JenC said...

Is it sad that I pegged my jeans in high school? I suppose it is just telling of my age. If it comes back, I'm not going there! Big hair either!

Is it the powers shared by national and state governments?

Wes said...

Happy Birthday! When's the first concert? Oh, do Chicago! You only live once.

Wes said...

Well, let me rephrase that! Happy Half Birthday ;-)

TriBoomer said...

It's fate Sara... I say sign up for Chi-town.

Stay tuned...

Jodi said...

We missed you at bowling on Thursday! I hope you come out to join us when we start our league. I need someone to do bowling alley dances with!

Tight rolled jeans... that is SOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you should go for Chicago! Or maybe.... Vegas baby, Vegas!


xt4 said...

That kicks ass. I had these pants, when I was a sophomore in high school, that were stone washed denim, with a cargo pocket (perhaps a shade ahead of my time there), and they had elastic on each leg bottom to keep the look nice and snug and alleviate any rolling necessary. Man they were dope. Ugliest damn pants you ever saw, but dope.

Anyway, of course do the marathon. It's the Year of the Marathon, as declared by me. I'm doing at least 2. Maybe Twin Cities. Pharmie's doing Twin Cities right after IMWI. All the cool kids are doing marathons, so succumb to the peer pressure, so says I.

Steve S. said...

I'm on it...

And you should sign up!!

Kewl Nitrox said...

If only biking fashion comes back in circles as well... I still have my tights from college. :D

Lloyd said...

Exclusive Powers?

pegged pants...

running. away. now.

Running Rabbit said...

HELLO!!! Were you rolling on the floor dying of laughter??? WTF was she thinking? Hello fashion 101!

Habeela said...

Do Chicago! a. it sounds like fate. b. my best friend and I will be there. c. the more the merrier! :)

Amy said...

Tights: yes for running and sports, no for just about anything else... ESPECIALLY with stirrups. But the peg and roll... oh man... what's next? side ponytails and neon spandex?? Not again. Please.

TriShannon said...

Why, why... not pegged and rolled. I vow to be un-cool! What's next... big bangs?