Monday, November 20, 2006

To Everything...

You'll have to bear with me here. I'm feeling a little wistful.

The more I think about it, the more happy I am with what I did on Sunday. I'm just so thankful that I had such a day. A day that was 38 degrees, rainy, and unbelievably FUN.

Because my friends were cheering for me at the water stop.

Because I ran faster than I ever have for 13.1 miles.

Because I never doubted for one second that I would finish.

And for this, I am thankful.

I'm thankful for my legs, as much as they burn much as it hurts to go down stairs (but not up, of course). Because they are there reminding me of what I just did.

I'm thankful that in the past year I've done things that I still can't really wrap my head around yet. The sheer mileage and time is daunting on paper to me, and when I factor in what I had to give up along the way I am still amazed that I made it at all. To the start line--let alone the finish.

I'm thankful for the love of my friends and my family. Without their patience--on the days when I was too tired to return a phone call, or when I fell asleep on the couch after an 8 hour brick on the other side of town, they smiled and stood by me and understood. Not even necessarily understood why I just rode a bike for umpteen hours, but they understood that I needed to. I hope that I can be as understanding and supportive to them in their endeavors, whatever they may be.

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I'm thankful for my career. Like all jobs, it is hard work, and not every day is easy. However, as much as it frustrates me some much as I feel that sometimes I'm sprinting up the down staircase...I am thankful I have a career I love and one that challenges me every single day. I see many of my friends who are not challenged enough, or are too challenged in their jobs, and I realize how truly lucky I am to have this unique balance.

I'm thankful I get to race. When all is said and done, and I think about the person I was when I was 18, 21, 24, and now at 29...I can't imagine my life without a race. Of any distance. Because I get to push myself, because I am my own harshest critic, because numbers never lie...because every single race I do, and every single step I take, makes me grow a little bit more into the woman I'm supposed to be. The woman I hope to be.

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I'm thankful I had the time on earth that I did with some of my family. It was short, it was taken away entirely too soon...but because of that I have an immeasureable value of what family is, and how important it is to love.

I'm thankful for love. In all its stages. From the whirlwind puppy love as a teenager to relationships, good and bad, in the years that followed...and all the emotions that go along with falling in love. And thankful I've gotten to experience all of these things, with plenty of stories to go along with them. For things coming full circle, again and again. For never in a million years dreaming I'd marry a friend from high school, and now not being able to imagine anything else.

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I'm thankful that I live in a place where I have the ability to say these things, do these things, and love these things.

And as uncertain as the future may be, I can take a deep breath, and step back, and be thankful for this.

All of this.


Wes said...

Well said, Sara.

E-Speed said...

great post, I am teary eyed now!

RunBubbaRun said...

Thanks for sharing, it was great to tow the line with you that day at IMooo. "Carpe diem"

Running Rabbit said...

Nice post...great pics! Love the wedding shot! So pretty.

Nic said...

Wow, Sara, I'm so happy for you. I finished reading this post and thought to myself, "I hope I feel like this one day."

So thank you for your kind words. Thank you for being supportive. Thank you for being inspiring.

And congratulations.

Kurt said...

Very nice.

Zoo said...

congrats on your success!!

TryAthlete said...


greyhound said...

I'm thankful that I got to read your post, see those ironman pics again, and remember all the experience as you and that million watt smile came over the finish line.

To have a blessed life, and to know it, is really something. You're doing great.

M said...

"And as uncertain as the future may be, I can take a deep breath, and step back, and be thankful for this.

All of this."

Amen and Happy Thanksgiving!

Comm's said...

thanks for a post that made me smile and be thankful for my things.

Lana said...

Beautiful post, Sara. :)

xt4 said...

You're awesome. Thanks for everything.

tri-mama said...

You just always know how to bring a tear to my eye, makes me even more thoughtful of what I'm thanful for. Happy T Day!

Robb said...

Good thoughts as usual. I'm thankful you share all of this with us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!