Thursday, May 18, 2006

Snot, pub crawls, and Pearl Jam

Okay, I learned a few things from my snot/10,000 visitor post:

1. You guys are snotty, too. That makes me feel less like an alien snot faucet!

2. You would really like to see me make an arse of myself.

Thanks to Rice, too, for that enlightening article on snot, spit, and hydration! Very interesting.

So I really laughed hard at all your suggestions. I'm trying to find a way to incorporate them all into one big celebration. Papa Louie's idea of wearing my wetsuit, goggles, running shoes, and then biking in downtown Cleveland sounded pretty sweet. It might be hard for me to GET downtown though, but I am heading down to pace the first half of the Cleveland Marathon on Sunday...hmmm...then I got to thinking that it would be pretty hard to deal with my bike between 6 and 7 am amidst all the hectic-ness. So, I will improvise. Today, provided there is no rain, I'll don the outfit suggested by Sir Louie and will ride 2 miles to the center of my town and back on a main street. I know a lot of people who live in this little town and it seems that whenever I run down this road, I get honked at by friends/neighbors/family, so this should be pretty funny. Matt will document pictures and I will post them here.

I also liked the idea of a pub-crawl! Alas, can I convince my blog friends to take time out of their busy and high-volume training schedules to pound some? Probably not. So I was thinking perhaps a happy-hour on Friday June 2nd? Just an hour or so, and one or two drinks--we've got long rides/runs the next day I'm sure! I'm thinking at one of the random watering holes in Lakewood, my old stomping ground....but you must wear at least one item of tri stuff to come. So goggles, swim cap, singlet, wetsuit, etc. are mandatory for this extremely important race event. Pictures can follow. C-town bloggers, anyone interested?

Yesterday was a great day: the SUN came out for the first time in several days and I saw the blue sky and was soooooo excited that I threw my bike in the car that morning! I helped a few students after school, then changed and headed to the park. Had a nice little 28 mile ride and did 17.4 mph--the few hills there were didn't seem all too bad, either! Yay! Then last night the storm came through, which of course made my day, and the CAVS BEAT THE PISTONS!!! Take THAT, Rasheed "I-Guarantee-A-Victory" Wallace!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

This morning had a great swim at the Y--my 200s negative split were pretty solid and I was happy with my times. I busted out a few 100s in the middle just for fun and hit them all under 1:31, so I was pumped. Especially since I was a little sore from lifting the day before--we'll take it!

Tonight it's another run trying to get used to my 10:53 pace I need to hold to pace Cleveland. I'm not used to that pace, so I'd better get used to it and PRONTO! On deck is another swim tomorrow, a brick Saturday (Elizabeth--probably only going 2 hour ride, :30 run due to the marathon the next day--you interested?), and then a pre-Pearl Jam cookout with the concert Saturday night! YAHOOOOOO~although it will NOT be fun to hear that alarm at 5am on Sunday morning to head to the marathon!

Oh well, it will all be worth it.

10 more days of school...but who's counting? :)


E-Speed said...

Uggh June 2nd I have a spa party.

I am up for the Brick on Saturday! Email me with details!

Curly Su said...

I'm on for June 2...get will LITERALLY be my last night in we'll 'celebrate'...

See you Sunday!

Kurt said...

I have concluded most of the bloggers are teachers! Does seem to be a lot of them.

If you want to get use to running at a certain pace, you need to speed work and hills. You can even do speed hill workouts. Not always easy and it is tough but doing both in combination with your normal long runs will make you faster.

Oh yes, less snot will also do that so you can breath!

I didn't realize Cleveland existed after Drew show left the airwaves! (Okay I will duck on that one and leave now)

Good luck!

TriSaraTops said...

Oops, I should clarify--10:53 is slower than I'm used to, so I don't want to do my regular speed and infuriate anyone who is pacing with me! :) hee hee Nothing's worse than following a pacer who isn't going the speed they are supposed to, ya know?

Cliff said...

That is crazy..i wish i live where u live :)..

My friend dared me to wear my wetsuit to Church....hmm....:)..maybe one day i will :D.

rice said...

great work!. Thanks for the plug.



DaisyDuc said...

Too funny, I am ready for this pic of you in your get-up!

So we are supposed to gather & look silly. How did that become part of the deal. Well you know I am not one to pass up a happy hour so I will be there!

See you Saturday!!! Should be fun! We don't need to dress up in anything silly do we??

TryAthlete said...

Eagerly await the pictures!

Have fun this weekend!

E-Speed said...

Hey I think we will be at Johnny Mangoes for the first half right around mile 9! See you then! (If we don't ride bikes first on Sat!)

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

sounds like a fun get together. I wish I lived in Cleveland.

qcmier said...

Booo, kurt!!!!

The two-time and reigning camp Queen has issued a decree. Make it so!!!

I'll bring the Jameson and GUs!!!

Eric said...

Visit at the pub, bummer I can't make it on 6/2. Can't wait to see pictures.

Mojo said...

I can't wait to see pictures of tri-geeks at a bar wearing your gear.. Too funny!

Super swim times! You poor Ohio girls, you see the sun and you're so excited. I will never move to that cloudy state!

Sounds like you have a weekend full of fun ahead. Have a blast at the concert. Tell Eddie I said "Hi". Good luck at the marathon. :)

TryAthlete said...

I hope your cold gets better soon too.

Don said...

As far as Ohio is in the midwest..i lived in Mansfield for 11 years. It's a beautiful state, but does have quite a few cloudy days.(I think because of the great lakes) Pub crawling?? I'm such a lightweight when it comes to booze. I think i would walk into the first pub, and crawl out of it after 2 beers!!....Mojos Hubby

Papa Louie said...

Too Tri-Hilarious-Tops!!
June 2nd is good for me.

Running Rabbit said...

You know what's funny? I wasn't "snotty" until I read your post. And that following afternoon I was having some serious snot issues on my run! Thanks! **giggle giggle**

E-Speed said...

Got your message! I will give you a call tonight and see you tomorrow morning!

oh and spa partay is cancelled I have some SERC gals that are up for a hash run on the 2nd!!! I'll bring the camera ;)

walchka said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your pics and someone else joining the embarrassing pic craze.

btw...check out
it will explain how my pics came about.

walchka said...

Yep...Just click on the link or TNT image on my sidebar. :)