Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Morning people

I'm not a morning person. I need to start being one NOW.

I was supposed to get up today at 5:30 and head to the pool. It didn't happen. I hit the alarm and slept another hour. That felt good, but now I feel bad.

I know it was probably good for me...after this stressful weekend with Matt in the ER twice, and my back has been troubling me for 2 weeks...I know I probably needed it. I never give myself time off. Not since last January when I started training for the Cincy Marathon.

But I still feel rotten.

I think I'm going to need to play tricks on myself to get out of bed. For instance, last night in the shower (since I like to take my showers at night to sleep to the last possible moment), I thought, "You know, if I was smart, I'd NOT shower tonight so I HAVE to shower in the morning--and then I might as well get up and swim if I need to shower anyway." But I kept on showering.

And then I slept in.


I know it's just base month here before the REAL fun begins. What's making me nervous? The time commitment? The task looming over me until September 10th is over? The fear of failure? Maybe a little of each.

I just need to realize that I CAN do this but not in my bed at 6am. In the words of the great Gen-X film Reality Bites, I can't "turn my room into a den of slack."

I just gotta get up and get out there. I wish I knew how morning people did it though! They make it look so easy....zzzzzzzzz.........

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E-Dub said...

Sara, I so agree with you. I've been struggling with this 'guilt' for a couple of weeks now. I know that the best time for me to swim is in the morning, but I just can't get myself out of bed at that 'so-unnatural' time of the morning. I just can't find the motivation to get up that early.

I'm not a morning person... the thing is, I'm not a 'night' person either. I just like to sleep... I definitely excel in the 'sleep' department.