Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh Crap Times Infinity

Well, since TN, I've been hiding a little secret.

My left achilles has been a little wonky.  Not serious, just a little strange.  A slight dull ache.

Now it's definitely barking at me.  And I know a lot is due to my inability to ever stretch or sit down, pretty much ever, in my current life stage.  But I also know that 5 1/2 hours of riding hills and climbing a mountain in 36 hours was NOT. SMART.  Very fun, but not smart.  At all.  And I knew it the week I got back, but I was pretending it was fine.

Now Coach E says she's not sure I can race, since this is nothing to mess with.

To say I am bummed is an understatement.

Made an emergency call to Dr. Zak for some ART and am currently alternating between resting, icing, swearing, and crying.

So any positive vibes would be greatly appreciated.  I'm running better than I ever have in my entire life.  And to think I might not be able to race, about adding insult to injury.  That's more like adding a punch in my face to injury.

Sending up some good-ankle-y prayers,



J. L. said...

Positive vibes are flowing your way! Dang hope you're able to heal quickly.

Jennifer P said...

Not cool. Hang in there - and swear as much as you need!