Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Evotri Team Camp, Chattanooga, 2012

...was so awesome that I have so much to say about it.

And absolutely no time to say it.  None.  I give up.

So I'm going to defer to the team site and to JP's site for some awesome recaps.  Me Circa 2006 never would do that.  But me circa 2012 needs to.  How did I blog almost every day for 2 years?  Oh yeah...I actually had some spare time...someday, I'm sure I will again, too.

But for now I'm surviving until May 11th when I get to come up for air a bit.

So check out their amazing reports full of tons of pictures and great stuff!  Let's just say it was WAY better than any race, hands down. I wuvz my teammates!  They are all amazing.  Sure wish they could meet me for a ride or run more than once a year!

Gonna keep training as hard as I can--will post when I can!

Heading to the light at the end of the tunnel,


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Carolina John said...

i know the evotri blog doesn't allow comments, but I have also really been enjoying the recaps. looks like such a fun time! I love chattanooga.