Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother Nature is a Snide, Conniving (W)itch

...YET, I think she might know a little something, because if I can pull that off today, then I can definitely pull it off come race day.

The short:  I made it--kind of.  Last push I dug as deep as I could but couldn't get below 8.  I'm not going to dwell, though, because it's still 50 minutes at (or near) race pace and given the conditions, it was a huge mental boost for me.

The long:

Got up early and worried about the run. (Standard)

Made myself a new playlist heavy on the hip-hop/rap, and lots of old stuff.  Tupac, Biggie, Dre, etc.  Basically all the things I listened to growing up as a suburban kid on the streetz.

Started:  20 minutes easy, averaged 9:00 for each one.

Oh boy.

#1:  Holy crap, it's WARM!  Warmwarmwarm!  I'm dying.  (It was about 42 degrees, BTW).  WHYdo I do this?!  I know I'm a sweat monster and ball of nastiness when I run hard.  LEARN for race day--UNDERDRESS.  I MUST go home and change.  But what if I wake up the kids?  Accckkkkkk that will be DEFCON 1 as Matt will then have to deal with them yelling for me not to go.  The guilt, or an appropriately-dressed outfit?! (Yes, all these things ran through my head during push #1)

I ran past the house.  Dashed in and silently changed into shorts and a light long-sleeved T.

Aahhhhhh.  Much better.

Pace :  7:59 (squeaked in!)

2 minute recovery:  ahhhhh.

#2:  Okay, this isn't so bad!  Glad I changed.  Definitely needed to change.  Hope they are all still asleep....

Pace:  7:56 (nice!)

2 minute recovery

#3:  Hmmm.  It's getting colder, but I still feel okay in this.  Kinda wishing I had taken the Claritin though.  Must do that on race day.  Starting to hurt a little, but doable.

Pace:  7:58

Took a GU here.  Noticed I was tired when I stopped to get it from my belt.

Turned around....into SERIOUS wind.  Hmm.  Okay, now it's definitely on.

2 minute recovery

#4:  Ouch.  This hurts.  This is farther than I went before when I did 4 miles with Laura.  Ouch.  Ouchouchouchouch.  I'd like to be done now, please.

Pace:  7:56

2 minute recovery

#5:  That was my last Cherry Roctane Gu so I'd better make this push worth it.  Is this push worth $2?  Because that's what one of those damn things costs.  So I'd better not wuss out and make this push worth AT LEAST TWO DOLLARS.

What the--is that freezing rain?!  YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS.  I can't see in front of me, sleet is hitting my face, and I'm running into what feels like a wall of wind.  Yeah, it's the last one allright!  Grow a pair and RUN, NOW!

Ouch.  Ouchouchouch I'm cold and it's wet and this hurts.  I'm digging as deep as I can but I just don't feel like I'm moving.  I put my head down and just counted steps and blasted some Eminem.

Pace:  8:09  Ugh.  I swear that's all I had.  But that concludes 50 minutes at (or a teensy bit above) race pace.  Boo-yah.  I should also add that I killed some intervals earlier this week, so this was a good week of pushing it on the run.

Cooled down for 20 minutes and had to (of course) make it an even 12 miles (because I'm OCD like that) and ended up with 12 miles in 1:43.14.  Average pace of 8:36/mile.  YEEEEE-AH.

Walked in the door to find that Matt had made chocolate chip strawberry pancakes, done a load of laundry, and loaded/turned on the dishwasher.  He's kind of the best husband ever.

As soon as I get my hands on some pics from Chattanoooooooga, I'm going to post 'em!  For now--I am going to drink some tasteeee coffee.

And try to warm up.  Nice try, Mother Nature.  You gotz nuthin' on me.


Jennifer P said...

I also try to talk myself out of gels when I'm in the last few miles of a run. Seriously, those gels are stupid expensive. Some runs cost me $10 in fake food alone!

Oh, and you're a rocket. Seriously fast.

Carolina John said...

Can't wait to see how it went in the Nooga! Wish I could have been there with you guys.

Alili said...

It's all coming together - I have no doubt you are going to slay dragons at this race!