Monday, April 05, 2010

Lucky Stuff.

Have you made your video yet for Team Evotri?

You should.

Seriously. This team is such an amazing group of people and I am so happy that I'm a part of it. It's great to share this sport with people in all different "life phases," who just love to give back to the sport of triathlon. I can't say enough about the wonderful opportunities its given me, and also for the friendships I've made. I know we are all so excited that we are able to add a new member to our team this year, and I can't wait to meet whoever it will be!

I just booked my flight to Madison for WIBA this year and am SO excited. I get to see my teammies and some really cool people and IronFriends from back in the day. Plus, I get to hammer those hills and fly down Garfoot again. It doesn't get much better than that, folks. Wait--I lied. Actually, it does. I decided that 20 hours of driving roundtrip in a weekend was INSANE in the membrane, so I'm flying. Well, the flight's actually to Chicago (way cheaper) and then I'll be carpooling with my Nutter friend Jacks and her fiance, which will be crazy fun. And, the real bonus is I don't have to miss all that time with my kids--win-win!

Also this year, our team race is Rev3 in Cedar Point. I can't wait to be the hostest with the mostest of Northeast Ohio. It's going to be AWESOME. Stuff like this is getting me through this awkward "I-still-can't-even-fit-into-my-fat-pants-without-some-serious-rubber-bands-and-sucking-in-for-8-hours" phase I'm currently rocking. Yes, I had a slight meltdown trying to find something to wear for Easter. Sucked it up and just wore maternity pants. Whatever. I'm getting over it, slowly but surely. Partially because as of today, I am hereby cleared to work out--yahooooooooooyippeeeeekay-yay!

(Which is really good, because I've been working out for the past week anyway. Shhhhhh. Don't tell.)

And I think I rode the adrenaline high from purchasing my Southwest ticket today on the treadmill...I'm up to three whole miles, suckas. THREE whole miles. Boo-yah.

So I hope I get to see your video soon--can't wait to meet my new teammate in my stomping ground here this September! I'll bring you some Stadium Mustard for our post-race party. Trust me. You won't be sorry.

Oh sweet nectar of the baseball gods, you Bertman Ball Park Mustard. Get in mah BELLY.


Michelle Simmons said...

Hey! I'll be at Cedar Point! Looking forward to meeting you there! :)

Christi said...

Woo hoo! I am so glad you have been cleared to workout!

Robin said...

I just rediscovered your blog after a long time away. Congrats on your sweet new little one, so much excitement to go around.

I just checked out the Evotri team video challenge. Wow, wonder if I have enough time to try to make a video? You are such a great ambassador for the sport, it looks like a wonderful team to be a part of.