Tuesday, March 21, 2006

my what a difference a day makes....

Feel much better today!

I got all the crap on my long list of things to do done by 8:00pm yesterday! Yay! I THOUGHT for a minute that MAYBE I could watch 24....but then I remembered that 24 makes me all fired up and unless I wanted to swim on 3 hours of sleep, I'd better stick to my game plan of taping it. Then I watch it while on the trainer Tuesday afternoon, where it is GOOD if my heart rate is up.

Forgot to mention in yesterday's frustration that I had a kick-arse run on the Hinckley Hills on Sunday with my buddies Silent Bob and Iron Johnny. We did 12 miles and negative split them, to boot! We did them about 30 seconds FASTER than I did them last year in Flying Pig training...but my effort felt the same, so I guess that's a good sign!

Okay, back to today: I woke up at 5:05 and had a really good night's sleep. Good thing I passed on 24. :) Headed to the pool. MAN, was it crowded! I felt like the first one at the party and the last to leave today, as lots of people would get in for 10 minutes swim or thrash around, and get out.

I tried to just stick to my line and follow my set. I had some warm-ups and drills, and then some 600s at varying speeds. One older gentleman squeezed in between me and another guy. Hey, it's all good....gotta do what you gotta do in this Y pool, so I don't mind when people cram a bit.


That fired me up a bit and I negative split that 600 BIG TIME.

(he eventually did apologize, and then I felt like an arse for getting all P.O'ed in my mind)

Anyway, before my last set one guy that had been next to me for a while got out while I was resting and payed me a really nice compliment about my swimming. It was so nice that I'm too embarrassed to even mention it. I was flattered and told him thanks and that he made my day! I felt like Summer Sanders for about 7 seconds.

Okay, back to reality.

Pumped out the last set and cooled down. Did 3500 yards again and felt like I could keep going and going and going! That's a good sign.

But alas...that whole work thing just gets in the way. :) Good thing my school is very understanding and good thing I have 1st period planning!

Tonight it's 1:15 on the trainer: just me and Jack Bauer, then my iPod shuffle...and then back to the gym for some weights!

Balance, balance, balance. It's comin'. I'll get there. :)


E-Speed said...

Yeah I am nervous to go to the new pool in the morning but there was no one there last night so if going in the evening gives me the pool to myself I can handle that for sure.

Which Y do you go to? I think I can go to any of the Cleveland Ys now so I will have to come and swim with you and Tri Eric sometime (when it isn't packed ;))

TryAthlete said...

Teaching always gets in the way of exercise and blogging!

Robb said...

Balance, balance! I like it! Don't you love your ipod shuffle? Lightweight and nearly invisible. Have a great week.

Eric said...

Monday the pool was crowded as well. There were 7 of us lined up and ready to go. Who commented on your swimming. TJ (TNT guy) provided some insight into my stroke. He had some good things for me to work on.

Great swim though.

PS, I saw Matt in the weight room Monday night. Good to see him again.

Okolo said...

If people position themselves properly, busy pools aren't too bad, but of course, how often does that happen?

I guess that only happens in swim practice huh?

Papa Louie said...

It's probably good to swim in crowded pools getting kicked and punched to help simulate race conditions. But just don't get hurt.

DaisyDuc said...

Guess you will be ready for the crowded tri swim!

Have a nice ride tonight---Jack is da man!

qcmier said...

Yeah just think of it as mass swim training. 2000+ starting a swim at the same time has got to be crazy.

Keryn said...

I believe the goal of any good triathlon swim is to get out of the water feeling refreshed and warmed up for the bike. You don't want to be tired at all. So being able to do 3500 and feel like you could just keep going and going is a very good sign.

Have I mentioned how insanely jealous I am that you have all these tri-bloggers in your area to workout with?

Kurt said...

Awesome work out. Great job and if they put their feet in the way again bite them! LOL

I hate when jerks have no consideration for others whether running or swimming.

Spence said...

I'm with everyone else...what better way to prepare for the mass swim start. You even found a productive way to vent your anger!! Glad a day makes such a difference... you're right back on track!!

Chris said...

Training days are funny like that, aren't they? One day, everything seems insurrmountable and the next day you're on top of the world.

It sounds like your swimming form is back! Can I draft behind you at Moo? :)

Mojo said...

Great run on Sunday!

I guess I should be thankful I live in a small town. When I get to the pool at 6am, I am usually alone. If someone smacked my grill while I was swimming, I would be pissed!

I'm glad you had a better day and a great swim.