Friday, March 10, 2006

karma karma karma karma karma chameleon

On today's docket: 3000 yard steady swim.

Um, does that mean without stopping?

Crap, I think it does. I've never swam 3000 yards without stopping. I've done 3000, done 3500 even, but always as a group of sets.

*pauses to do the math in my head*

Gulp. That's 150 laps in my 20 yard pool.

Well, better get to it.

It says steady. I'm gonna take that as meaning not too easy, but not too hard--a pace I can hold for 3000 yards.

Holy schneikies. What pace CAN I hold for 3000 yards?

This should be interesting.

My workouts during my years of swimming consisted of HAMMER, HAMMER, HAMMER. 50, 50, 50. 100. MAYBE 200 here or there. FASTER! FASTER! FASTER OR YOU'LL BE SWIMMING A 500 FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got in "trouble," my coach made me race something that wasn't a 50 or 100. That usually shut me up.

So this has been an interesting journey as I'm trying to turn into a "distance swimmer."

Got in the water. Deep breath. Here we go.

I decided I'd break these into 3 sets of 1000, but not STOP at the end, just take my lap time. First one felt allright. I felt like I was getting a decent reach in the water. Just kind of moseyed along at a relatively comfortable pace. Lap 48, 49, 50.

Beep. 19:38.

Hey, not bad. Uh oh, here she comes. Competitive Sara.

I bet you can negative split these.

CS, get outta here. This isn't a race. Plus, I've never gone this far without stopping.

Are you saying you can't? Wimp.

OK, fine...but you'd BETTER not show up tomorrow at the St. Malachi Race. You are NOT WELCOME in my head there.

We'll see about that.


Then pick it up, slowpoke.

Tried to focus on my glide and reach. Kept feeling pretty good, like my rotation was working. 48, 49, 50.

BEEP. 19:14.

CS: Better. But I bet you can go faster.

Cut it out, jackass! I'm ignoring you.

No you're not.

*sigh, with bubbles* No, I'm not.

I can do this. I'm getting tired, but I can do this. My goggles were starting to push against my eyes pretty hard. Must get new goggles....

Some people began to leave the pool at this point, done with their workouts. Not me...kept on keepin' on. When I hit lap 30 of round 3, I started thinking to myself, "glide. glide. glide." with every stroke. REACH....high elbow...come on...

44. I started to pick it up. Only 6 more.

Holy crap, that means I've swam 144 laps.


CS: Go! Go! Go! Move your arse!

50. BEEP.



Did I just do that last 1000 faster than I did my 1000 time trial 2 weeks ago?

Um, yep. I did.

And was this 1000 after already swimming 2000???!!!

Yep. It was.

Interesting. It appears I am changing to fit into my surroundings.

Kinda sweet. :)


Flatman said...

That is one rockin' swim workout! You are going to so kill that course in Wisonsin! Nice.

walchka said...

Congratulations on an amazing swim! You are one serious shark.

Love the commentary btw. :)

rice said...

Great work. BUT! I’m a little worried about all the voices in your head. Talking to the flowers.. That’s ok. But talking to yourself.. ? I know were your coming from though. I have been trying to ignore the ice-cream and cake left over from my sons birthday dinner last night but they keep yelling and taunting me.. not sure how much longer I can take it..



Eric said...

Way to crank out that 3000. It always fun to watch people leave the pool knowing you outlasted them.

How the heck do you count those laps? I usually can't keep track above 10. I've managed to hit splits at 200 yards then add them up.

Friday rest day, especially after getting home after midnight from the Femmes concert.

rob reddy said...

real distance swimmers ALWAYS negative split the long stuff - you have gained entrance to the club - welcome

Fe-lady said...

great swim workout!
I am so jealous that you are hiking the canyon next month. Have you been before? I have run it twice, did a double crossing once, and have rafted half of it. Taking my husband to North Rim this May as he has never been there. We will get in some Mtn. Biking hopefully!
Weather will be nice at bottom, chilly if not still cold on top, but I bet you know that already. Love Sedona some mtn. bikes and get out in the hills in the Northwest part of town if you have time! Have fun! And the hilly hiking should only add to your fitness level for your IM!

qcmier said...

Dang you're even getting love from rob reddy!!! If only I could swim in your wake.

Curly Su said...

awesome! i'm thinking about coming tomorrow to bandit the course and just run the 5m easy, so i don't know what you want your pace to be tomorrow, but if you really want someone to keep you slow, i'll run with ya! otherwise, you kick some ass and we'll bike together afterwards. :)

E-Speed said...

great job on the swim!

progress is so much fun!


Kevin B said...

That is a great swim workout. I have to agree, that the really amazing part is the lap counting. Usually, somewhere after 25 I am continually second guessing myself - 27 or 28?, hmmm, just do another lap. The focus on the numbers seems so hard to keep up.

Cliff said...

If ther eis one song I remember from the retro, it is that song.

Good job..that's a lot of laps. Is your head dizzy from all the back and fourth?

TryAthlete said...

It just keeps getting better, doesn't it! Congrats.

Chad Austin said...

CS called and she wants you to race tomorrow!!!

Nice swim workout. I don't know how you can keep track of 50 laps per set.

DaisyDuc said...

Wow woman...way to go on one awesome swim!

Ever wonder why Donald Duck does not wear pants??

Scott said...

Just a great post Sara! You seem to be having so much fun with your training and your posting which I think is so important.

Question - How do you deal with counting so many? My pool is 25 meters (so longer than yours) and I find that I lose track.

When I get tired on Sunday approaching my 800 meters, I shall think of CS .... and Daisy Duck. Have a great weekend.

Keryn said...

You rock! That's awesome! I love the whole voice in your head thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has some great conversations with herself. :)

Just12Finish said...

Awesome swim!

I'm glad you picked the little green thing for your pic. Have you seen BoyG lately? Not awesome.

Rae said...

Awesome job with your swim! Way to go!