Thursday, October 05, 2006

So organized, yet so not.

I forgot what it's like to have free time. It's really strange, and for some reason, I feel a bit unsettled.

I am back on my scheduled chore days. Yes, I am just that anal. I mop on Monday, vaccum every third day, dust every Tuesday, etc. Although, Matt is still doing the laundry and all the outside work--he loves landscaping--which is great, since I hate doing laundry and I think I could possibly kill a dandilion without even trying. :) I sort of miss having an excuse to not do chores.

Monday night me and my 2 boys (Matt and Mugsy) made s'mores since it was too cold and wet (AGH! Madison flashback!) to do it Saturday night with friends. Mmmmm. So good.

I've been able to get to school early and help some students and run a few meetings with the clubs I advise. No problem. No wet hair, not frantically running in 5 minutes late with excuses.

I am totally on top of my lesson plans and all my papers to grade. I am getting them all done at school, and I even have time to make some parent phone calls, look for new lessons, etc.

I've read a few magazines. Runner's World (there is a HOT picture of Lance and Matthew McConaughey, my ex-boyfriend along with Eddie Vedder, running shirtless. Shoulda been the cover.), Cooking Light, Outside, Women's Health.

I've been reading up on Hawaii and especially Maui, with a few books my mom and Kelly gave me. Trying to think of fun things to do--trying some mountain biking and surfing are high on my list.

I've been listening to some podcasts (big fans of InTransit Duo! Check 'em out!) , going to bed on time, waking up at 6:30. Running up to 6-7 miles at a nice easy pace, calling some friends. Making some new recipes.

But, I feel SO disorganized.

I haven't been this "together" in 10 months. And I sort of miss running around like crazy. And swimming and biking around, too.

I know, I know...I've got plenty of time. I've got a few 5K's lined up to motivate me to try and get my speed back, since it's been on vacation all year.

But I can't stop thinking about IMFL and now even IMKY in 08. TWO YEARS AWAY! Seriously. I gotta cut this out.

I can't stop writing to my good buddy TriShannon in Denver, who just signed up for IM MOO, her first...and I love seeing how she's going through all the same stuff I was last year at this time.

I can't seem to stop reading blogs from JT and Jen about their IM training, because I'm so JEALOUS. I'm jealous they get to have their first IM in a few months. I'm jealous they get to run around like crazy and train so hard they fall asleep at night before their heads hit the pillow.

To me, that day reminds me a little of my wedding day. I planned for 9 months (actually, for my wedding I planned for 8!), thought about details, tried to get as ready as I could, and then the actual day was a blur of friends and family and excitement and eventually euphoria at the end. And in 15:32, all that planning was over.

My time obviously wasn't considered that "fast," as the winning female was 10:01. But it was quite possibly the fastest 15:32 I think I've ever experienced. And I think I sort of miss my fast-paced, slightly insane, tornado-style life I had for a little while there.

Who knew?


On an exciting note, my parents came over Tuesday after I ran with the Solers and surprised me with my version of an M-Dot Tattoo. I will post a pic later. It's awesome. I heart it.

OK, I'm gonna go now and grade some papers. No wait--I already did that.



Wes said...

Is it not wonderful that after IM is over, you are presented with a whole new set of challenges, LOL. Your insightfullness will help us all...

Cliff said...

Chores days?...

I have liek chore years :)..i dust..once a year :D

Did u taper for your wedding??

Jodi said...

Oh, you are so organized! My roommates and I just set an official chore list so that I can't slack this year! And I hear ya on the laundry and yard work. The 2 things that I am perpetually behind on. Does your brother like landscaping?



E-Speed said...

take it easy girl, pamper yourself some! Enjoy the extra time while you have it! Savor it!

Flo said...

If you need some tips and inside info on Hawaii let me know. I used to be a tour guide here and I know a lot of stuff that's "off the beaten path"

Running Rabbit said...

I WOULD KILL to be on top of my grading and lesson planning. I can't for the life of me get it. AGHHH!!! Kudos to you though!

RunBubbaRun said...

The bad thing about the off-season, no more excues not to do chores around the house. Definetly IMKY for '08 might be in the future.

Fe-lady said...

Everyone feels this "let down" or too much free time after an IM. The mtn. biking/surfing thing sounds really good. I picked up both in my early 50s...only get to surf every fre years tho not living near much water!
That's great you are planning so far in the future. I have been planning for over ten years for my second IM which I hope I can get into in '08. Seems to get harder and harder.
Busy is addictive and somewheat fun, sefl-reinforcing...makes me feel like I accomplish twice as much as anyone else does in the same number of hours in the day!

Chris said...

I'm right there with you, Sara! Lots of sitting around wondering what it is people do with their time. Everything is all wrapped up *way* early and I have to actively go out and find things to keep me occuiped.

Doesn't it seem like ages ago that the whole Madison thing went down? I mean, I can remember the vividly like it were yesterday, but it seems like it took place so long ago.

In any case, welcome to the recovery and "thinking about next season", you Ironman VETERAN you! I think you'll have a fun time reading blogs next summer of the first timers. I know I had a blast reading along with you as you trained for your first one. It brought me right back to when I did my first one, too!

Pharmie said...

Holy cow girl! You clean on certain days? That takes the OCD to a whole new level! The Hawaii trip sound sooo exciting. Can I sneak along in your suitcase? I've always wanted to try surfing.

Iron Pol said...

Triathlete Magazine has a good article on the post IM stages. They have some fairly humorous acronyms, and they do a good job detailing exactly what you're discussing.

The funny thing is that unless you want to plan IMs each year, you'll always have this lull. I plan marathons out in big bunches. But next year looks to be toned down. A first half-IM in July and (hopefully) a first IM in August. With those two expenditures, other races will be rare.

Manitoba Guy said...

Good to hear you are enjoying the free time. I was so excited to hear about Louisville, I'll keep it in mind for '08...even though IMMoo is on my list again for some time down the road. Is 1 a year too insane?

TryAthlete said...

Too much time can be as disconcerting as too little time.

Sit yourself down in front of the TV, and put the DVDs of '24' on. (Oh hang on, was it you that's the '24' fan?)

Lana said...

I love that Lance and Matthew picture too!!!!