Friday, October 27, 2006

DING! That's the end of round one, folks

I stayed at school until 5:30 today...long after the kids went home and the parking lot, despite the pouring rain, was starting to fill up with cars for the evening's football game. But I needed to get lots done, since the quarter ended today. And I did it, alone, in my quiet room, surrounded by my students' models of the Taj Majal and Zen Gardens, and I am happy to say it's all done.

8 1/4 years of teaching. How the heck did that happen?

Yesterday, I met an old friend on my 6 mile tempo run....



IT'S BEEN SOOOOOO LONG! I briefly saw you when I did the Old Oak Run with TriAl, and other than that, what's it been...a year? Probably!

I hope Mister Seven and I get to know each other much better, and maybe I even get to see the vagabond that occasionally passes me in the night (or shall I say, morning, since that's when 5Ks are)...


She can be a real beyotch to me, so I don't see her very often. Hopefully I can see her more and actually intentionally see her--not accidentally run into her whe I don't mean to.

Tomorrow is my friend's wedding..she's a Soler who's marrying another Soler! How fun is THAT? There are quite a few Soler couples! So cute. Why didn't I start running when I was single for crying out loud? I was barely tri-ing when I was single, and I was way to shy to talk to all the hot tri studs.

I'm serious. I actually am quite shy when it comes to that stuff. Really!

No, REALLY! Boys didn't talk to me until I was, like 25.

(Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit)

Then, Sunday morning I'll be hitting the trails with Kelly, who's doing IMFL next week! It's her last hour on the BEAUTIFUL trails with the yellowest-orangest trees you've ever seen. I'm so pumped!

I can't WAIT TO
A) Watch IMW on OLN/VS tomorrow after I tape it and
B) Watch Kahuna, TriMama, and all my other buddies online next Sunday!

I am so loving the run right now. I need to sign me up for a 5K or something to test out these legs. Feelin' good, feelin' good.


(I don't know why I just typed that)

OK--Time to make a fire and get caught up on LOST. I am such a Jack Shephard fan. Been a fan ever since the old "Party of Five" days, for those who know what that show was.

Good luck to Rae, Mouse, and everyone else racing this weekend!


21st Century Mom said...

Whoa! You're feeling good enough for at least 2 of us. Thanks - I needed that.

Wes said...

Mr. Seven and Ms. Six, huh? Hmmmmm. With the Laws of Diminishing returns in my favor, toss in the age factor, I should be able to keep up in a 5K with you in like 2012 :-) I agree with mom! Your enthusiasm is so contagious!!

TryAthlete said...

When you run past Miss Six, there's the Famous Five. Due to a DNS they're currently a foursome, and they need a new member.

Jodi said...

Wow, I have yet to meet Miss Six. I have a feeling that our first meeting will not be on good terms!



Ken Schulz said...

Shake n Bake is where it's at! Besides, riding a bike on the road is just as hard as racing cars. Hey, whatever keeps you positive that's all that matters!

Fe-lady said...

Yes those years of teaching just kind of WHOOSH by! (Too much fun isn't it? Sometimes!)
Glad you are feeling great onyour SHOULD sign up for something short- I bet you would PR with all the IM training under your belt.
Will watch for you on Vs. IM Wisc. tomorrow!
Yeah for weekends and running and triathlons!

Cliff said...

Is Miss Six still single?

This is such a hilarious post....that's ok..i don't start talking to girls until i am 25 too :)

Run for Chocolate said...

I love that feeling of getting all your school chores done, I hardly ever feel that way! Can't wait to hear about your race that you choose!

JenC said...

I'm jealous of your fun with the run. At this point, I'm just happy to get through one and I'm definitely not loving the pain. In time though, right? Keep having fun and motivating me!

Lloyd said...


Hope you and Mr. Seven hang out more often.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Hey hey hey!! Count me in for Dominics (or is it Jimbo's, now?) this weekend - I love that race. Hopefully it wont be raining like it did this past Saturday!! I can't wait!!

Rae said...

Oh I would kill for a Miss Six!!! Glad you're feeling good and shaking and baking. I expect a Git-R-Done in your next post!!

triteacher said...

Woah, and here I was feeling happy that I finally did around 8s yesterday... CONGRATULATIONS! I can feel that I'm coming back too... and it is good.

Chad Austin said...

Why is 7 a "Mr." and 6 a "Ms."? Does that mean 5 would be a "Dr." - to help revive you?

"I was barely tri-ing when I was single."

Just think of all the studs you'd have had if you were blogging when you were single.