Friday, May 05, 2006

I win


Ugh. There's no way it's already 5:05am.

*checks the clock*

Damn. It's 5:05am. Maybe I should go back to sleep. That was the first time I made it to bed before 11 this week.

I'll just lay here for a little bit.....


Damn. Now it's 5:14.

Why do they make snooze alarms 9 minutes, anyway? I mean, who decided THAT one?

Regardless....I really could just lay here and no one would know. Matt is in NC for J's bachelor party....he can't rip on me if I don't swim today. My students won't know the difference. And I'm pretty freaking tired.....and I have so much to do today to get ready for M's bachelorette party tomorrow night.

*brain silence*

No, really. If I sleep in no one's gonna know about it.

*brain silence*

Except me, of course.


And I'm my own harshest critic, anyway.

*flips the down comforter up off of me*

Agh! See, it's cold. Now you're uncomfortable. That's what Dad did to wake your butt up in the morning for school. He'd yell, and yell upstairs, and you'd tune him out or do the classic pillow-on-the-head move that allowed you to sleep through Playstation tournements upstairs in Scott Hall Room 109 freshman year.

But then he'd come up and grab the comforter and blankets and THROW them off of you.


Not fair. He plays dirty. If I'm not comfy, I can't sleep and then I am stuck just laying there thinking about what I should be doing.

*click goes the lightswitch*

Ugh. This is another one of Dad's old favorite tricks. Now I'm cold and a blaring light is in my eyes.

Of course, I am by myself, so I can just make this all go away and no one gots to know about it....

....except me.


*puts feet on the ground*

I win for today. Me = 1, Comfy Bed = 0.

Did my 3200 yards at a nice steady pace...picked up the last 600 yards of a straight 3000 and looked at my time. OK. Not bad. Record-setting? No way. But then again, IM swim is not about breaking any records. IM swim is a warm-up for what's to come. No use busting it in the swim and PR'ing by a few minutes only to crash later.

Steady, steady, steady.

Me = 1, Competitive Sara = 0.

But don't the ones who win get all the glory? Get all the accolades? Get all the fame and stuff?

Actually, no. The ones who win are the ones who finish. Glory comes in strange ways, like when a random student knocks on your door today to take your picture for they yearbook because you've been voted "Most Athletic Teacher." And you kind of laugh a little, and then your kids start asking questions about Ironman, and you tell them since they asked, and they say, "Why don't you tell more people about this?" and you just smile and say you're too busy to worry about telling people, and they see that you are not some superhuman, you're still just Mrs. Z, and the look in their eyes as they whisper "Wow..." is worth a million trophies.

Me = 1, Trophies = Zero.

It's the little victories, you know?


Flatman said...

What an awesome post. I especially like the third victory...

DaisyDuc said...

Yes, indeed you are a true you could let that evil mean alarm clcok win anyways!

Those kids of yours are sure lucky to have such a motivating athletic teacher!

Great post as usual!!!

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Sniff, squint, what?! Did someone say: "bachelorette party"?

Seriously, my alarm clock snooze is 6 minutes... Does anyone have ANY idea what kind of bother that stirs up in OCD folks like me?

walchka said...

Yes you have to remember the little victories as well...

Fe-lady said...

Yeah for you..I went back to sleep. (But then I am getting over a cold!) Excuses, excuses...swimming after work for SURE!
At least your dad didn't throw water on you to get you up. Mine didn't either, but I know of that happening to people as kids. Not good!
Nice to rack up those "points" that sometimes the bed gets!

Habeela said...

Great post!

Scott said...

Congrats to the Most Athletic Teacher. Did you win for the Nicest too?

Susan said...

yeah for small victories!

rice said...

“You can quit and know one will care, but you will always know.”



Cliff said...

Most Athletic Teacher..that sure does sounds like u :)

Ellie said...

Oh, yeah, this is an awesome post. AWESOME!

Okolo said...

9 minute snooze, yeah, that's cracked out.

qcmier said...

Great post. I love how you keep beating Competitive Sara

Rae said...

Most Athletic Teacher!!! That is so awesome!