Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I think Joe Friel is hiding in my house

Every thing I've been reading from him in Going Long (I've been reading one chapter a night)is strangely paralleling my day.

When I was sick and had to take 10 days off, I read the part about how important recovery was. It was really weird. Every page seemed to be somehow relating to either what happened to me, or what I tend to do when I get sick (like "train through it." DUMB)

And last night, after my combos-induced bender, I made use of his suggestion that an extra hour of sleep is better than any supplement out there. Went to bed at 9:16! Read for 15 minutes and then turned out the light. Here's what I read:

From Chapter 12: Nutrition, the Fourth Discipline:
"It is important to understand our motivation in making the food choices that we do. You may recognize some of the points below as they relate to your relationship with food....

*I've paraphrased JUST a bit*

Food as Self: There may also be periods in your life when you believe that you are a "good" person when you eat well and a "bad" person when you make poor food choices, like the bag of combos you just inhaled. Realize that you are the same person regardless of your food choices. This is important, particularly in conjunction with why we like certain types of food. In order to gain power over food, it is best to avoid defining ourselves by the food choices we make or those combos you just snarfed. Once a choice has been made, it is done. Regardless of its nature, all we can do is focus on the next choice. Worrying about the past is a waste of time."

Seriously, where is he?

In my cupboard?

Show your face, Sir Friel.

BTW--very proud of myself for going to bed an hour early, and then falling asleep by 10 or so!

But I did wake up at 4:30am to go to the bathroom and then laid there until 5:15's alarm....sigh.

Hey, little victories, I guess. :)


Cliff said...

Good job waking up early. I went to bed at 10:30. Woke up at 7. Oh mess my training schedule a bit. Planned on doing bike drills and yoga this morning. Instead just did Yoga and will do bike drills tonight.

TryAthlete said...

I think before the Chili Bowl Classic you'll be on the chapter about "PR". Coincidence, huh?

Eric said...

Maybe Joe will finish those Combos for you.

Just listened to GYGO #3, you were great during the interview.

I'm so jealous.

Chris said...

Don't forget Gordon Byrn's contribution to "Going Long". A lot of the stuff that isn't straight out of TTB is from that guy. He has a lot of insight into the sport and training and integrating everything into your personal life. He has a rather cult like following (of which I'm a happy member). :)

His site is:


There are lots of good topics there in his gTips and some more in his forums (althoug it does tend to get a bit technical there).

Susan said...

OMG - he lives in my house too . . . I have combos hiding in my closet. Help. I'm a bad girl.

Batman said...

You can't go too strict on the diet otherwise you go crazy. Like the time I put peanut butter on doritos...nevermind.

Okolo said...

Now that is funny.

I've been waiking up about 5:30 each morning myself. That's even before my early rising 2 year old.

Curly Su said...

combos are AWESOME. but i know how you feel. haven't done ANYTHING (except eat) since the half on Sunday and I'm starting to feel like an irritable monster...

Scott said...

What is this book? I must read it. The stuff about food choices is like a punch into the gut of truth.

qcmier said...

If you are what you eat, then today I am a two pound sub from Grum's and a milkshake from Tommy's on Coventry.

Dante said...

I'm in awe of the training you are putting in, I'm not ready for the IM commitment as yet as I'm still fairly new to the sport, but the commitment required seems daunting to say the least. Best of luck with your training. =)